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[Witch] PoE 3.8 Summon Ice Golem Elementalist High Damage Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)

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This Ice golem golemancer build was completed after a lot of testing in the early stage. You can hit 420k+ single ice golem dmg x6 +670k cyclone hit. If you want use it as your league start but need to do few things (league starter section)

[Witch] PoE 3.8 Summon Ice Golem Elementalist High Damage Build (PC, PS4, Xbox)


Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + GREAT DAMAGE ! u can hit 420k+ single ice golem dmg x6 +670k cyclone hit (each 2 seconds or less) x6 or 500k+ single ice golem dmg x6 + 800k cyclone hit (each 2 seconds or less) x6 (with vaal skill - look at full dps version pob)
  • + 7000+ EHP Viable (atm got 7721 without elder belt)
  • + If you are lazy like me , u can do all content without any problems thats a build for u
  • + Pure fun
  • + You will never get bored
  • + All content (everything deleted)
  • + lvl 100 is a piece of cake
  • - Min-Max is VERY EXPENSIVE
  • - Some people dont like lazy builds (u do nothing, golems delete everything)


League starter

You can made golemancer as your league starter but need to do few things:

  • Your starter build will be selfcast Arc Build, and you can switch to golemancer at lvl 40
  • You dont need to buy anything on market , you just pick items from the floor so u can keep currency for your primordial jewels.
  • You can easly do 10 acts + start doing maps without buying anything! 
  • When u get currency for primordial jewels u refund points and u can start playing as a golemancer. Like i said u dont buy anything from market as a arc because u dont need to. You just keep your currency for primordials.


Skill Tree


Liege of The Primordial -> Elemancer  -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin (for more dmg) or Paragon of Calamity


  • Lunaris + Gruthul -> mapping , bossing
  • Lunaris + Yugul -> Uber Elder / Shaper 

Bandit: Kill All

Passive Tree & PoB

PoE 3.8 Summon Ice Golem Elementalist Passive Skill Tree


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/v2gVurVn





Gems Setup

Helmet: Summon Chaos Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Summon Stone Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Summon Lightning Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Empower lvl 3 (level 4 - high end) "this is our buff helmet" = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS

Chest: Summon Ice Golem lvl 21 (lvl 20 is fine too but lvl 21 gives us more dmg also got more life) - Minion Damage Support 20 - Maim Support - Melee Physical Dmg - Multistrike - Empower 3 (level 4 gives us big dmg boost!) = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS

If u get high end Astral Plate with +1 level , maim you swap Maim gem into Ruthless

If u want more clear speed you change Maim/Ruthless for Melee Splash gem :)

Weapon: Phase Run (level depends on ur dexterity) - Flame Dash lvl 20 - Incrueased Duration lvl 20 = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS

Shield: Storm Brand lvl 20 - Curse on Hit lvl 20 - Vulnerability lvl 20 = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS "Vulnerability = more dmg // Enfeeble = more survi" but i still preffer more dmg :)

Ring: Essence Worm -> Hatred

Boots: War Banner lvl 20 - Generosity lvl 20 - CWDT lvl 1 - Convocation lvl 5 = = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS or Flesh offering 8 -Convocation 5 - Immortal Call 3 - CWDT 1

Gloves: Depends on what u choose

Rare 4s gloves -> CWDT 1 - Immortal Call 3 - Desecrate lvl 7 - Flesh Offering lvl 8 or CWDT 1 - Immortal Call 3 - Increased Duration lvl 20 - Flesh Offering or (Diff setup depends on what u choose -> 2 extra gems)

Command of The Pit 1 socket - CWDT 1 - Immortal Call 3 - Increased Duration lvl 20 / Flesh Offering lvl 8 or War Banner - Generosity - (u pick 3rd such as vaal haste etc)

Command of The Pit 2 socket -> CWDT 1 - Immortal Call 3 or Generosity + Warbanner

Tip : Flesh Offering gives us ~10% more overall dmg (you can hit ~420k+ meele dmg on single golem x 6)


Gear Setup


Look at helmet with only Armour or Hybrid (Armour+Evasion) , dont buy with energy shield or only evasion

1 ->4 mean Cheap -> High End

1) Get any rare helmet with life + resistances
2) Get helmet with +1-3 level of socketed minion gems + life + resistances
3) Elder helmet with +1-3 level of socketed minion gems , +x lvl minion life , life , resistances
4) Elder helmet (enchanted) with +3 minion gems , lvl 16-20 minion life , high life , resistances 

Dread Keep Fluted Bascinet, Demon Visage Eternal Burgonet, Sorrow Visage Eternal Burgonet

Those helmets are highend -> you pick Ice Golem 40% dmg for more dmg or Stone golem Buff for big life regen (survi)

Keep an eye on +3 level , minion life -> dont buy other rolls because u dont need them. Minion dmg is useless for us because in helmet we are using "buff" golems and they deal no dmg. Just look at life roll there and resistances.


1 ->5 mean Cheap -> High End

1) - Tabula Rasa

2) - Any 6L rare chest with 4 red 1 blue 1 green socket

3) - Corrupted Tabula Rasa with +1 lvl socketed gems

4) - Skin of the Loyal (our goal) with 4 red 1 blue 1 green socket

I dont recommend buying Skin Of The Loyal with 2 green or 2 blue sockets. You do that only if its very cheap. I know u can put there FasterAttacks or Conc but you lose Maim! Stick with Tabula +1 will give u way more dmg till u can get 4red 1blue 1green.

5) - Grim Shroud Astral Plate

This is my Astral Plate which im using on league and its our high end. We are looking for +1 lvl , maim , life , life % , resistances. Why ? because we dont use anymore Maim gem in our chest but Ruthless! gives us huge dmg boost also mini stun

EDIT : because i had many questions.

Well yes i know getting +1 , maim , high life , life % is hard and very expensive. Thats why consider this as high end if u rly wanna push ur golemancer to limits. You really dont need this to kill everything around. If you are looking upgrade from skin of the loyal keep an eye on astral plate with maim , high life (100+) , life % so u can put there ruthless instead of maim gem or +1 , life (100+) , life % chest. 


We get ClayShaper for extra minions life + extra golem


Victarios Charity - huge dmg boost for our golems , free frenzy + power charge


We have two choices

1) We pick Stygian Vise with life + resistances + mana! (and we get extra room for jewel)

2) We pick Elder Leather Belt with life , life % , +mana!, resistances (gives us around 200 more life compared to Stygian with 50 life jewel roll)


Keep an eye on Armour boots! or hybrid (Armour + Evasion)

1 ->3 mean Cheap -> High End

1) - any rare boots with life , resistances , movement speed
2) - high life , 30 % movement speed , resistances
3) - Goliath Elder boots with high life , life % , 35% movement speed , resistances


1) - Essence Worm with Hatred

2) - Rare ring with high life , resistances and OPEN PREFIX so we can craft there mana + "mom"


The Primordial Chain

Get as low rolls there as u can -> low rolls means more dmg , more life for our golems


This is where fun beggins because we dont need Command of The Pit they will be our "jewel keepers only". I will explain why. Since GGG added War Banner our golems got more accuracy = more dmg. Without War Banner with 2 socket Command of The Pit we get 93% hit chance on our golems , if we use rare gloves with War Banner we get 91% hit chance means Command of The Pit gives us small boost, only place to keep more jewels.

This is our choices:

1) - We get rare gloves with life , resistances and open prefix for crafting: Oblivion Hand Crusader Gloves

As you can see we got here dexterity (so we can have Phase Run lvl 20) and also 20% more minion dmg boost , also we get 4sockets means we can have more gems.

2) - Command of The Pit 1 socket. With War Banner and 1 socket Command of The Pit we get 95% hit chance on our golems (cap)

3) - Command of The Pit 2 socket. We got 2 jewels here + 1 in stygian. Keep in mind we already capped 95% hit chance on our golems with 1 socket Command of The Pit so we wont get more dmg with 2 socket only room for extra jewel.


We are looking for high life , high mana (for our mom) and Blind + Taunt , Hinder is our 3rd jewel (u dont need this but if u want more survi get it)

7 or 8 Primordial Harmony -> Keep an eye on Golem Dmg 20% also high rolls on both cooldown recovery speed because ice golem second attack is tornado(roll). If u get enough reduced cooldown his skill will be reduced to only 2 seconds (8 = more dmg / use 7 if u want 1 extra jewel (if you are using rare gloves or Command of The Pit 1 socket and u want also jewel with Hinder)

3 x - Primordial Eminance -> Keep an eye on 20% golems attack speed

1 Primordial Might -> Keep an eye on golems life % (rest doesnt matter)

1 -> Anima Stone (your golems will get nuts)




  • Ice Golem 40% dmg (gives 5.5% more dmg on melee hit and tornado x 6 - HUGE DMG BOOST)
  • Stone Golem 150% Buff (huge life regen boost = survi )


Commandment of Reflection


  • 2% Life/Mana regen
  • dodge spell
  • dodge attack hits
  • damage penetrate (works but keep that as ur last choice because we already deal tons of dmg)



First we summon 9 golems ( 6x ice golem + 1x stone golem + 1x chaos golem + 1 lightning golem). Use phase run for faster mapping and makes u "invisible". Keep in mind more frenzy charges you have longer phase run u got (ice golems grants us frenzy + power charge because we r using shield and Necromantic Aegis). Flame dash is our next movement skill (we skip obstacles also this is great movement skill to juke nukes such as shaper / uber elder fights). Turn on hatred and war banner (this is our dps boost for golems). Last one is Storm Brand we are using it for cast curse and also trigger Elemental Equilibrium. Since we are using Hatred (golems got extra cold dmg) so Elemental Equalibrium will make -50% cold res on mobs = more dmg for us :)

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