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[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Chieftain Bladeblast Starter Mauarder Build

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This PoE 3.14 Bladeblast Chieftain Mauarder starter build is very strong and can do all of the bosses, clears fast, and is very tanky.

[Ultimatum] PoE 3.14 Chieftain Bladeblast Starter Mauarder Build

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Pros & Cons

  • + easy Leaguestarter, doesn't require any unique items to get going and only 1 specific jewel late game.
  • + easy gearing since tons of resistances from accendency and tree.
  • + 9k life!
  • + capped block to spells and attack with glancing blows keystone
  • + high life regen and leech. recovery on block!
  • + high phys/elemental and chaos mitigation with phys convertion, and timeless jewel.
  • + ailment immune with crafted gear, so no shock chill or freeze.
  • + caster playstyle
  • + corpse removal with explody chest is super good for survivability
  • + good clearspeed
  • + high single target damage
  • + can be min-maxed late game
  • + Solo self found viable.
  • + Scales well with support, good carry
  • - can't LEVEL from scratch with the build. you need to reach library to buy the gems. i suggest no sooner then after cruel lab.
  • - super clearspeed requires explody chest but it’s totally fine without.
  • - Map mods: Elemental reflect is impossible => insta rip
  • - Like any other build the super endgame items need effort and currency
  • - You have to cast two spells, so the playstyle can feel abit clunky. but when you get use to it and have some castspeed gear its not bad.


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Ngahamu flame advance -> Hinekora, Death´s fury -> Tosalio, Cleansing water -> Valako, storm´s embrace

Pantheon: Solaris and Gruthul

Bandit: kill all for +2 skill points.

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/FW8BrzyJ

Leveling tree (there are 3 versions in the POB): https://pastebin.com/sXaxhMwG

PoE 3.14 Chieftain Bladeblast Starter Mauarder Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup


Blade Blast - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Awakened Fire Penetration - Inspiration - Awakened Increased Area of Effect


Bladefall - Spell Cascade - Unleash - Combustion

+ the conc from helmet. im not shure if the % on bladefall is bad, but it could acculy be a nerf to single target damage(more aoe of the bladefall)

A very big upgrade for this build is Awakened spell cascade. it allows you to drop 25 blades pr cast when your spamming since unleash is on cooldown. its like a 30% more damage doing most bosses, and also improves map clear alot. its expencive. but deffently a thing to aim for. i first got mine around half way thrue lvl 99, and regret i dident spend the currency earlyer.

Trigger weapon

Tempest Shield, Flammability, Wave of Conviction

IF you got curse on glove or ring you can maby use purifying flame for free concecrated ground. its regen and more crit chance.


Clarity, Summon Skitterbots, Herald of Ash

+ ASPECT of the spider(crafted) you can play around with the level of clarity needed, this is not a mandatory skill and can be ofset by good regen or -cost crafts, clarity is in the shield as a 1 link.

Mobility, utility 4link

Enduring Cry - Flame Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge

Here we get both effect of second wind with to flamedash and enduring cry. Enduring cry is put on movement bottom so it auto triggers when you move around.


Immortal Call until you got your uber lab i suggest using steel skin.

If you can substain your mana without Clarity. You can now put increased duration on the setup increased duration


Vigilent strike - Ancestral Call



Gear Setup

Body Armour

Astral Plate
+12% to all Elemental Resistances
+117 to maximum Life
+48% to Cold Resistance
+24% to Chaos Resistance
15% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage
Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage
+15% to Lightning and Chaos Resistances

good mods: explosion, phys taken as elemental, life, res

A more min maxed chest will have 2 influences: crusader and redeemer. to get frency charge on hit mod. Its possible for bosses to switch for a Chest without explody mod but more life, this is super endgame luxury


Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Concentrated Effect
Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill
98% increased Armour
+88 to maximum Life
+45% to Lightning Resistance
24% increased Area Damage
24% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

here you want a CONC effect elder helmet with life. you can also get spell block or other good mods on it. a 3 option is elder+warlord for 10% phys taken as fire prefix. i crafted ASPECT OF THE SPIDER here, but that can be used on any base you see fit.you need to craft avoid elements on this item(surfix)


Onyx Amulet
Allocates Arcane Swiftness
+16 to all Attributes
+93 to maximum Life
45% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
5% additional Physical Damage Reduction
Damage Penetrates 10% Fire Resistance
+1 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems
+1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges

I strongly advice to use the turquice base(dex int) since it saves you to not need perf roled dex on other gear, and gives you just enough int to handle everything. here a warlord neck can give you +1 phys gems, phys as extra fire or fire pen. surfixes there is many options like regen, +2 max block castspeed ect. for annoint Arcane swiftness is a must! this note gives 75% spell damage, 5% castspeed 3 block, and vital 20% avoid ailments(needed for immunity) also 20% stun avoidence that is nice.


Vermillion Ring
8% increased maximum Life
Gain 10% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage
+55 to Dexterity
+94 to maximum Life
+40% to Lightning Resistance
+27% to Chaos Resistance
Non-Channelling Skills have -10 to Total Mana Cost

here you can get many things, like lvl 22 Herald of ash, essences crafted i got t1 dex on both mine thats very hard. i suggest to get dex on gloves and maby one ring or amulet. makes gearing so much easyer.

For bench craft you want to add the minus mana cost of skills!


Stygian Vise
25% increased Global Physical Damage
+118 to maximum Life
12% increased maximum Life
22% increased Life Recovery rate
Regenerate 2.4% of Life per second during any Flask Effect

here you want high life. a elder base offers 4 really good mods. phys damage, % life, flat life. and life recovery rate. use a Leather or stygina vise base.


here you dont need anything special. the Temple mod extra damage ageinst chilled enemyes are good. but many bases can be used. i suggest keeping your gloves nothing special to open up the ability to corrupt elemental weakness. you need to craft avoid elemement on this item.


+19 to Armour
+97 to maximum Life
+40% to Cold Resistance
+25% to Chaos Resistance
33% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
20% increased Movement Speed
10% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill

Best base to use would be shaper base with 31% + avoid ailments, this is needed to cap ailment immunity. Otherwise you would go for life, some resistances and movement speed. A bigboy-version would have also +1 endurance charges (warlord) or tailwind (hunter)


+8% to all Elemental Resistances
63% increased Spell Damage
+109 to maximum Life
+33% to Fire Resistance
+28% to Cold Resistance
+2% to all maximum Resistances
Recover 5% of Life when you Block

THIS item is importent to get "%life gained on block" (Shaper or warlord). Prefixes you really want are the "+2 to all res" (including chaos) to get your res cap to 78-77-77- 87)
Otherwise you want high life spell damage. You can also get good suffixes like block chance. Its possible to combine it with hunter base to also get "+3 chaos res" max but i don't think its worth it vs a high spell damage roll.


40% increased Elemental Damage
109% increased Spell Damage
19% increased Cast Speed
+1 to Level of all Physical Spell Skill Gems
Gain 20% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage
20% chance to inflict Fire Exposure on Hit
Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill

Here you want a scepter so you can vigil strike, and the % ele implicit is good. what you want is high fire damage, since it scales explody, +1 to phys or spell gem or both. or gained phys as extra fire. many combos can be used. a importent part is it have a open surfix to craft trigger mod. a warlord base is the best since you can also get % damage from endurance charges surfix


Cluster jewel: i use A spell damage base with 8 stats to get the Conjur wall note. giving 6% spell block, there is other good combos, like the free arcane surge. if your capped spell block you can propperly use other variants for more juicy mods.

Normal jewels: here you want mods like life, fire damage, area damage, i capped my phys block by this jewels to. you want one with Corrupting blood immunity this is MANDATORY for awakener, but also huge defence in maps since you can explode bloodlines packs in 1 hit and get 20 stacks without noticing. you can also get onslaugth on a abyss jewel, to free up higher lvl movement speed on boots.




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