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[Ritual] PoE 3.13 Witch Elementalist Discharge Ignite Build (PC,PS4,Xbox)

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This PoE 3.13 Witch Elementalist Discharge is a good starter build that uses the ignition mechanism to complete most of the content. You can reach 7M+ ignite DPS easily.

[Ritual] PoE 3.13 Witch Elementalist Discharge Ignite Build (PC,PS4,Xbox)

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Pros & Cons

  • + 7M+ ignite DPS easily reachable, 10M DPS gg gear.
  • + 30mil+ total damage per ignite easily reachable, 40m+ gg gear
  • + Up to 3000 hp shield from Bastion of Elements, plus ele reflect immune
  • + 100% uptime enduring cry (20% physical damage reduction, 20% all res)
  • + capped physical dmg reduction.
  • + 9 endurance charges endgame.
  • + 200% life from tree.
  • + Cheap to start, lots of currency sinks endgame to min/max
  • + Purple fire!
  • - Main damage skill has a cooldown. 2s standard, 1.6s with endgame gear
  • - Can't run 90% aliment immunity map mods. (can, but sucks)
  • - Not a one shot boss build - its a DoT, big bosses take awhile but are safe fights.
  • - Need Dex from gear/tree/jewels or run lower level gems. 126 with swift affliction, 79 otherwise. Level blood rage along with dex.


Endurance Charge Generation

Replica Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail
181% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+78 to maximum Life
+15% to all Elemental Resistances
Share Endurance Charges with nearby party members
Gain an Endurance Charge when you are Hit
Lose 2% of Life per second if you have been Hit Recently

Starting out will be slow and probably better to level at least some of the way as another skill/spell.

Enduring Cry - Low cooldown 3.8s, increased power from Deep Breaths. This will generate 4 at once around bosses and big packs. Keep on left click.

Eye of Innocence - Will generate "hits" on ourselves every time we discharge, or have OOS/Firestorm active. Since all of our damage will always ignite.

Replica Ambu's Charge chest. Coupled with Eye of Innocence we are instantly refilled on charges after every pack. Orb of Storms/firestorm gives us constant charges on bosses. 


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Shaper of Flames -> Mastermind of Discord -> Heart of Destruction -> Bastion of elements

Pantheon: Soul of Arakaali and any Minor

Bandit: Kill all

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/Qj2ALjnf

PoE 3.13 Witch Elementalist Discharge Ignite Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Discharge - Staff - chest if you have a +1 chest and ALL gems staff

Discharge - Swift Affliction, Burning damage, Ignite proliferation, Deadly Ailments, Unbound ailments.
*note - If damage feels overkill in maps, swap Second Wind for Deadly Ailments for faster discharge.

If struggling with Dex, drop swift affliction for Combustion.

Auras - Helm

Malevolence - Summon Skitterbots - Enlighten , Blood Rage (level along with Dex)

Wither/Boss mode - Gloves

Wither - Spell Totem - Multi Totem - Faster Casting/Despair

Despair is for long fights, helps with curse up time when flask are down. Since our wither stacks are perm, you do not need to cast wither again after the first 1-2 seconds.


Storm Brand - Vaal Molten Shell/Steelskin - Increased Crit Strikes - Power Charge on Crit

EC/Flame dash - Chest

Enduring Cry - Second Wind - Increased Duration - Flame Dash - Blood Magic - Vaal Blight

Vaal blight triggers 20% increased damage taken on mobs, mainly just use on bosses at the end of a map, or extra tanky rares/metamorphs. Does not have to be linked, but does benefit from the increased duration if so. 


Gear Setup


Rare w/ fire damage to spells, DOT multi, or burning damage - lower DPS but easier to obtain already linked.

Realm Ender\Realm shaper - Good DPS - Cheap

Searing Touch - Great stats for the build, gem levels and high dot multi.

Hunter Crafted OP staff - +3 or more fire gems, Dual Dot multi, faster burn. In case you have a ton of currency to throw at the build. 46%+ more ignite DPS over Searing Touch.

*Shield - While leveling and before a 5L searing touch use Redblade banner for easier charge generation, and a wand or mace with fire/burning damage. Nycta's lantern is also good for leveling.


Rare w/ life and resists

Hrimnor's Resolve - good mid game cheap helm. Fire damage, life, res, and freeze immune. Decent armor as well. Use this until a crafted -chaos res helm

Warlord Crafted OP Helm - Discharge enchant, life/res, -9 Chaos res to enemies. Craft in a Blizzard Crown for additional 7% MORE damage.

Enchant with Discharge damage.


Rare w/ life and resist. Cheap and easy to obtain, buy a corrupted 6l with the right colors.

Tabula or 5L Belly of the Beast if defense is an issue.

6l Replica Ambu's Charge - Instant charge generation with the Eye of innocence, needed to switch to discharge comfortably. Was very cheap last league, fingers crossed.


Rare w/ life/res/dex

Rare w/ better life/res/dex - crafted with Insanity essence for wither cast speed

Any of the on hit glove enchantments will help slightly with charge generation.


Rare w/ life/res/movespeed.

Abberath Hooves - The ignite chain will help with both charge gen and clear, fire damage boost as well - slow move speed though. **DO NOT USE WITH EYE OF INNOCENCE* You will blow yourself up.

Sunspite - Cheap, decent stats.

Shaper/Warlord OP Crafted boots - Life/res, +1 max endurance charge, cool down recovery

Alternate endgame - Deaths Door, +1 charge, no life but immune to bleed and some res. For the price these normally go for, the crafted boots are better.

80% stun immunity if killed recently is the best enchant imo.


Rare w/ life/res/fire damage

Eye of Innocence - main source of charge generation. Allows us to take constant hits with our CWDT setup and keep gaining charges from Replica Ambu's Charge. Anoint with Vigour for +1 Endurance charge.


Rare w/ life/res/fire damage

Kaom's Sign - +1 Max charge each, other stats fairly useless.

Kaom's Way - +1 Max charge and massive regen with our high charge count.

Blackflame - Whole concept of the build, makes enemies take our damage as chaos.

Malachi's Artifice - triggers EE on traditional version. Do not use on Blackflame verion.


Rare w/ life/res - Try for a stygian vise, added flat damage to spells does well. Couple with a fire/burning/life/dex jewel.

Rare w/ life/res/cooldown


Quicksilver for go fast - roll with curse immune

Instant life for scary moments - roll with freeze immune (unless using hrimnor's, bleed in that case)

Cinderswallow for good map life/mana sustain and we can benefit from the ignite part, life regen the best mod I think.

Atziri's promise - nice boost in damage, decent leech

Witchfire Brew - Our curse - big damage increase

Before getting a corrupted blood immune jewel drop cinderswallow and use a sulpher flask with bleed immune











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