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[Ritual] PoE 3.13 Shadow Assassin Ice Nova CoC Strong Build (PC,PS4,Xbox)

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PoE 3.13 Shadow Shadow Ice Nova CoC Endgame Build is one of the most fun build to play with big damage for single target and big explosions for mapping. You can do all league mechanics with ease (Simulacrum, T18 maps etc).

[Ritual] PoE 3.13 Shadow Assassin Ice Nova CoC Strong Build (PC,PS4,Xbox)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + good single target Dps
  • + dodges attacks and spells via Cyclone
  • + pretty good clearspeed while mapping
  • + immune to crits through Elusive buff
  • + 75/75 Blockchance with Flaks
  • + up to 12k+ ES
  • + ES leech
  • + 30 ES on hit
  • + 5% ES on Block
  • + 5% ES on kill
  • - expensive if you want Endgame Gear
  • - slow start of ES recovery and recovery rate
  • - between Bossphases with no mobs you only got ES recovery and vaal Discipline
  • - cannot do Elemental reflect maps


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Mistwalker -> Opportunistic (Please note that the 3.13 update)

Pantheon: I prefer Soul of Lunaris for the avoid and dodge, and Soul of Ralakesh for not to get maimed or blinded

Bandit: Take Alira for crit multiplier and all resistance

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link

CI Version


  • focused mostly on Defensive
  • max Block
  • 9k+ES
  • Stun immune from Boots enchant


  • zoom zoom Version for offensive Playstyle
  • explode cheast with AoE stacking from cluster
  • stun immune through from Boots enchant

Life Version


Things to buy first in order of priority:

1)Cospri's Malice
2)Cooldown recovery on belt
4)Mark of the Shaper/ Circle of Fear
5)Watcher's Eye

Low: https://pastebin.com/JPLR3Tkp


Gems Setup

6-Link CoC setup

Cyclone - Hypothermia - Inspiration - Awakened Cast On Critical Strike - Ice Nove - Increased Critical Strikes

swap in awakened added cold (5/20) instead of Inspiration for a small dps boost, but only if you're still crit capped on cyclone without flasks active

4-Link Aura setup

Enlighten - Hatred - Herald of Ice - Vaal Discipline

+ Aspect of the Spider on Gear

You can skip discipline if you're playing the Life based build

4-Link Movement and Vaal RF for dps

Dash  - Second Wind - Vaal Righteous Fire

4-Link cwdt setup

CWDT - Frost Bomb - Immortal Call - Precision

3-Link Cospri setup

Frostbolt - Ice Nova - Frostbite

3-Link Vortex setup

Vortex - Bonechill  - Arcane Surge - Awakened Unbound Ailments


Gear Setup


Stat Priority:

  • 250+ Energy Shield
  • -9% Cold Resistance to nearby enemies
  • Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence / spell block (elder)


  • 40% Ice Nova Damage (~7% more Damage)
  • 30% Reduced Mana Reservation for HoI / Precision


1) get a ilvl 85 Hubris Circlet Redeemer Base, enchanted if you can get one

2) use Perfect Fossil to get 28%+ Quality for more ES

3) spam Dense + Frigid Fossils on it

in terms of dps, -9 cold Resistance is stronger than the 40% dmg enchant

sadly after patchnotes, its atm pretty hard to craft the -9 cold res and we need a redeemer base for it. Chances are really low to hit it with a good amount of ES. With even Resistance on it, its now a wet dream.

Body Armour

105% increased Energy Shield
+48% to Cold Resistance
+46% to Lightning Resistance
Attacks have +1.5% to Critical Strike Chance
Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage
+68 to maximum Energy Shield

Stat Priority:

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.86)
  • Recover #% of Energy Shield on kill (shaper ilvl.75)
  • Quality / Resistance / Intelligence
  • Attacks have +1.5% to Critical Strike Chance (hunter / elder ilvl.84)
  • Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage (crusader ilvl.85)

Unique choice: Shavronne's Wrappings


Cospri's Malice

  • dont get one with Resolute Technique!!!
  • watch in pob how much attack speed you will get with the Range on it

18% increased Critical Strike Chance
Gain a Frenzy Charge after Spending a total of 200 Mana

  • a corrupted one with frenzy after spent 200 Mana is an easy way to get Frenzy charges while mapping and ob Bosses, but keep aour aps in mind! ~12more dps!
  • a corrupted one with inc. critical strike chance (local mod) lets you get the possibility to drop inc. crit strikes gem and take Inspiration. I only recommend it if you can keep your crit Chance near 100% with cyclone and Ice Nova during fights ~ 33% more dps


9% Chance to Block Spell Damage
+90 to maximum Energy Shield
141% increased Energy Shield
13% increased Stun and Block Recovery
Recover 4% of Energy Shield when you Block
+20% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Stat Priority:

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.86)
  • Recover #% of Energy Shield on block (shaper ilvl.68)
  • chance to Block Spell Damage (shaper ilvl.75)
  • Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
  • Socketed Gems have 15% reduced Mana Reservation (shaper ilvl.80)

Preferred Crafting Method: Dense Fossil 

Unique Choice: Prism Guardian


Stat Priority

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.84)
  • Accuracy (ilvl.85)
  • 50% Damage against chilled enemies (Incursion mod)
  • Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
  • chance to Unnerve enemies in hit (Hunter ilvl.85)
  • culling strike (warlord ilvl.73)

Preferred Crafting Method: Dense Fossil 


+21 to Intelligence
+48 to maximum Energy Shield
46% increased Energy Shield
15% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently
24% increased Movement Speed

Stat Priority:

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.84)
  • Movement Speed (ilvl.86)
  • Resistance
  • Tailwind (Hunter ilvl.75)
  • Cooldown Recovery Speed (shaper / crusader ilvl.80)
  • Intelligence


  • 10% Movementspeed for mapping
  • 10% Damage Penetration for Bossing
  • 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently (if you don't be stun immune otherwise)

Preferred Crafting Method: Dense + Shuddering Fossil


+30 to maximum Energy Shield
+49 to Dexterity
+31 to Intelligence
18% increased maximum Energy Shield
+61 to maximum Mana
Curse Enemies with Level 5 Frostbite on Hit
+36 to maximum Energy Shield

+30 to maximum Energy Shield
Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill
+36 to maximum Energy Shield
18% increased maximum Energy Shield
8% chance to Freeze
Adds 13 to 35 Cold Damage against Chilled or Frozen Enemies
33% increased Energy Shield from Body Armour

Stat Priority:

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.74)
  • increased maximum Energy Shield (crusader ilvl.82)
  • Assassins Mark on hit (shaper ilvl.80) / Frostbite on hit (redeemer ilvl.80)
  • Accuracy (ilvl.75)
  • Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
  • critical stirke multiplier (elder ilvl.80)
  • cold damage to spells (redeemer ilvl.75)

Preferred Crafting Method: Dense Fossil

alternative 1 you can use Synthesised Ring for 20% more dps per slot. if you take 2 of them put Frostbite in your Cospri setup instead of ES Leech support, alternative Mark of the Shaper

Synthesised Sapphire Ring

+13 to Intelligence
11% increased Damage
-2 to Total Mana Cost of Skills
+22 to Dexterity
Adds 23 to 32 Cold Damage
+29% to Cold Resistance
71% increased Cold Damage while affected by Herald of Ice

Herald of Ice has 96% increased Buff Effect

Mark of the Shaper

+15% to all Elemental Resistances

20% chance to Trigger Level 20 Summon Volatile Anomaly on Kill
Adds 18 to 52 Lightning Damage to Spells
9% increased maximum Energy Shield
6% increased maximum Life
73% increased Spell Damage if your other Ring is an Elder Item
Cannot be Stunned by Spells if your other Ring is a Shaper Item


Stat Priority:

  • Energy Shield (ilvl.80)
  • increased maximum Energy Shield (crusader ilvl.82)
  • Cooldown Recovery Speed (shaper ilvl.75-84)
  • increased Energy Shield from Body Armour (shaper ilvl.80)
  • increased Spell Damage during any Flask Effect (shaper ilvl.80)
  • Resistance

Preferred Crafting Method: Dense Fossil


+28 to Strength and Dexterity
+66 to Dexterity
+421 to Accuracy Rating
+38% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Damage Penetrates 10% Cold Resistance
+1 to Level of all Cold Skill Gems
20% increased maximum Energy Shield

Stat Priority:

  • increased maximum Energy Shield (ilvl.77)
  • Accuracy (ilvl.75)
  • to Level of all Cold Skill Gems (redeemer ilvl.82)
  • Cold Penetration (redeemer ilvl.82)
  • crit Multiplier (ilvl.74)

Preferred Crafting Method: dense + frigid Fossil or alternation

Enchant: Tranquility or Charisma or Deflection

Other Choice: The Pandemonius, Presence of Chayula for LL


  • Bottled Faith - for the increased Crit Chance and the inc. damage to enemies on Consercrated Ground
  • Wise Oak only if you got cannot be frozen on boots and got balanced resists
  • Cinderswallow let gets you onslought, Keep you aps in mind!  Veiled mod "78% increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect"
  • Rumi's for a lot of Attack and Spell Block
  • Diamond Flask for crit and to be immune to Curses "Your Critical Strike Chance is Lucky"
  • Quciksilver for a lots of speed


Watcher's Eye

"+# Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline"

For the Moneyboys as second stat:

- Discipline Spell Block if not capped threw Gear

- Precision crit Multiplier ~12% more dps

- Clarity 18% maximum Mana as ES ~700ES

Militant Faith

Great Jewel to boost our dps. It converts "Conduit" to "Inner convition" which let us grant 3% more spell damage per Power Charge. Also we get through the unique Modifier Res and even more dps 

Frozen Trail

9% increased Projectile Damage
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Frostbolt fires 2 additional Projectiles
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Frostbolt Projectiles gain 40% increased Projectile Speed per second

for 2 addition Projectiles on Frostbolt

Thread of Hope

allows us to take passive skills in rafius that aren't connected to the tree. Make sure you got the Large one!

Thread of Hope

allocate: Light Eater, Heart of Ice, Arcane Focus, Utmost Intellect

optional: Arcanist's Dominion, Deep Wisdom


Cluster Jewels


Large Cluster

Blanket Snow: 10% Cold Penetration

Corrosive Elements:

Cold Skills have a 25% chance to apply Cold Exposure on Hit

15% increased Elemental Damage

Widespread Destruction(if you can afford):

10% AOE

20% increased Elemental Damage

Medium Cluster

Medium 1 (optional)

Master of Fear: Enemies take 10% increased Spell damage

Wish for Death: culling Strike -> 10% more dps

Medium 2 (optional)

Medium one with Channeling tag

Unwavering Focus: 40% chance to avoid being stunned while channeling

Precise Focus: 30% crit chance and 20% crit multi

Medium 3 (optional)

Vast Power: 20% increased Area Damage and 3% increased AoE per Power Charge

Magnifier: 10% increased Area of Effect and Damage, 10% critical Multiplier

Small Cluster

Energy from Naught: 100 Energy shield

!!! try to get on any jewel the immune to corrupted Blood as an implict !!!



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