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Poe Uber Lab max-keys farming builds guides

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I know that there is Roadrunner build, but I would like something more durable, because my PC is a potato and I can't dodge Izaro's attacks well, which is crucial for max-keys runs.And yep, I hate totem builds, so Ancient Warchief is not an option (though I know it is very decent for lab farming).I'm thinking about some RF atm, deciding between Trickster and Guardian. Though, I think, there should be something better in terms of speed. Maybe, Brutus Lead Sprinkler with Berserker (to drop VP because it is too annoying to run traps with VP) and some defense layer to cover 10% Inc. damage taken from Aspect of Carnage? Or some Varunastra Block Gladiator?

Poe Uber Lab max-keys farming builds guides

This armor is the backbone of the build:

Like many things in PoE, this armor can be a bit misleading/confusing. For those that did not know, the "increased energy shield recovery rate" acts as a more multiplier for your ES regen, not just your ES shield recharge. Essentially this means if we stack regen in the tree and our gear, grab zealots oath so that we can regen ES, this armor will bring us to crazy regen rates.To take full benefit of the armor and its stats, I chose to use an AoE skill since the armor itself provides 10% AoE. I chose to go with Vortex. To maximize the dps, I convert to fire via.There are many benefits for fire conversion, mainly Elemental Equilibrium and Ignites. The damage of fire vortex is very formidable, but you can use any aoe skill you want. With a slightly different tree, Scorching Ray is also very good.


GREAT Uber Lab MAX key farmer. I made the bulk of my Poe currency here and started on a 5link!! Traps are a joke, you just run through them.

ALL content viable. I'm currently at 125/126 atlas, missing Perandus Manor

Able to farm Hall of Grandmasters

Can do most map mods, a few need to be rerolled or used with extreme caution (no regen, ele reflect, hexproof)

Large ES pool, easy to get about 10k ES, with good gear 14k+

Great synergy defensively with chill from vortex and the slow from temporal chains

Great AoE for map clearing with AoE gem, Conc is a perfect swap for boss killing.

Reasonably low price of gear to start, high ceiling for cost of gear late (Its good to have expensive top end to works towards) 

Dual Curse

Very strong for PvP/Leo Quests


Ignite immune enemies die a lot slower. Phoenix boss from T16 takes a lot longer but can still be killed. Uber Atziri is also the same, though much harder than Phoenix.

Cannot run No Regen maps as it is our main defense

A movespeed skill like shield charge or whirling blades is required

Swapping to Conc gem for bosses is slightly annoying

I've run a lot of lab builds over the last few leagues and by far the best i've played without obscene gear levels is that pf roadrunner build. Out of probably 200 runs i didn't die to izaro once. That includes some really rippy trap sections, many fully powered up izaro max key runs, lag, and all on a 5l qotf at about lvl 80 with no helm enchants or amazing gear. I was very surprised at how well the mom/evasion/pot/bv combo works.

There is a bit of room for flexibility so you could easily drop temp chains in for the izaro fight to give you the extra telegraphing time if you 'need it'. Realistically, from a lot of experience on a 5L you're taking izaro down in one cycle of attacks so all you do is activate skills/pot, dodge his initial big attack (or not, doesn't really matter) and cuddle him for about 3 seconds and its lights out. Note that during that 3-5 seconds it takes to kill him you're sitting around 100k evasion, 30% phys damage reduction, block, massive leech etc etc etc all with about 7.5k effective ehp with mom. It is NOT a fragile build.One other thing is dodging izaro often means walking through him (phase run lasts for like 8 seconds) so if you see his big attacks coming, you don't necessarily have to run away, just walk through him :).The one caveat on that build is it is really purpose built for "completing" lab quickly. If you like to run around and kill things/map etc you might find that constantly charging up bv is an annoying playstyle.

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