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PoE Trickster Toxic Rain Shadow Starter Build - Get Your Endless Delve Prizes

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This PoE Shadow Trickster Toxic Rain is starter build can quickly complete early content and smoothly transition to endgame. Using some crafts, you can easily make equipment that meets your needs. If you want to get good prizes in the december event, you may choose this build to help you easily reach high levels.

PoE Trickster Toxic Rain Shadow Starter Build - Get Your Endless Delve Prizes


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Patient Reaper -> Prolonged Pain -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist


Major: Use Soul of Lunaris for mapping, and Soul of Arakaali for Awakener. Soul of Solaris is also good in some situations.

Minor: Primarily I use Soul of Abberath to always be immune to burning ground, but I shift to Soul of Shakari while fighting hunter :)

Soul of Gruthkul is very strong early and makes labtrials easier in my opinion because you take less bleeding damage :) 

Passive Tree & PoB

15 Point -> 30 Point -> 49 Point -> 72 Point -> 91 Point

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/0YbAuKfU

PoE Trickster Toxic Rain Shadow Starter Build Skill Tree


Gems Setup

1. Bow: Caustic Arrow + Vicious Projectiles + Void Manipulation + Swift Affliction + Pierce + Empower

Early Links: Caustic Arrow + Pierce + Void Mani/Mirage Archer. I realy like having Mirage Archer with my Toxic Rain and use Void manipulation.

In act 3/act 4 when you get a 4link and a penetrating arrow quiver, you can replace the pierce with a Arrow Nova Support and add Vicious Projectiles. I found out today that it felt awesome clearing, but you still need a 4link and a penetrating arrow quiver to have sufficient damage imo.

2. Chest: Toxic Rain + Vicious Projectiles + Void Manipulation + Mirage Archer + Swift Affliction + Empower or Culling Strike

Early Links: Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation + Ballista Totem/Mirage archer

You can try the Ballista Totem Support in act 1 (It's red). I personally prefer selfcasting because the damage is higher.

In act 3 when you get a 4link, you can add Vicious Projectiles. It's hard sustaining enough mana for a 5link untill later.

3. Wither Totem: Wither + Spell Totem Support + Multiple Totem Support + Faster Casting

Late game this is a much have. While leveling this isnt an important setup and the auras + the Flame Dash+Smoke Mine + Second Wind link are much more important. (Speed is king while running the acts)

4. Auras: Malevolence or Skitterbots + Flesh And Stone + Discipline + Enlighten

Early you will not have access to high ES pools or Enlighten, so just use Malevolence or Skitterbots and Flesh And Stone.

5. Flame Dash + Second Wind - Vaal Grace + Free of Choice (Clarity/smoke mine/dash

Flame Dash + Second Wind + Smoke Mine are realy important while leveling. It provides a huge speedboost to you.


Gear Setup


10% increased Movement Speed
+2 to Level of Socketed Bow Gems
Adds 5 to 137 Lightning Damage
20% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
+29% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

Use either Maraketh or Thicket Bow for lategame

You can farm Imperial Legacy cards in Foothills for a 6link Imperial bow which you can craft with fossils: Corroded + Metallic + Jagged

Unlock Chaos Dot multi craft by unveiling Syndicate Weapons

You can get very far with a 5link +2 Bow

Very lategame you can craft a +3 Levels, +75% Chaos Dot multi and Attack Speed bow

Body Armour

+237 to Evasion Rating
99% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+60 to maximum Energy Shield
Regenerate 0.6% of Energy Shield per second
Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers
+21 to Strength
+18% to Quality
Gain 9% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

There are also many useful unique body armours that you can use and very strong rare endgame:

The Restless Ward, Carcass Jack, Kintsugi, Queen of the Forest


Use a Rare Penetrating Arrow or Maloneys Mechanism (You can skip Maloneys if you have a frenzy charge on hit chest + Curse on hit ring)

Good Mods: Life, Dot Multi, +1 Arrow, Resistances, Movement speed, attack speed


Vertex are usually very cheap and fits Trickster perfectly with high ES and Evasion. It also adds levels to your Aura setup making your enlighten level 5 and yields good chaos resistance.

+71 to maximum Energy Shield
77% increased Energy Shield
+21 to maximum Mana
+30% to Chaos Resistance
26% increased Stun and Block Recovery
24% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

To craft it you need to use Aberrant Fossils + Dense fossils for high ES or pristine or just use Aberrant Fossils alone if you want hybrid LIFE/ES.


Just get high movement speed + Resistances + Life


Good mods: Life, High ES, Dot Multi, Attack Speed, Resistance. 

You can craft good gloves by using Aberrant Fossil + Either Dense or Pristine or none.


Crafted with Aberrant fossil

Good mods: Life, ES, Resistances, +1 Gems level, Chaos Dot Multi, Reduced Malevolence reservation


Good Mods: Life, ES, Despair on hit(Hunter), Resistances, attributes, Reduced mana cost, Mana Regen %

You can use the new Skitterbot curse ring too (Profane Proxy), It's pretty good for early appliance of high level despair and skitterbots are almost as good as malevolence but reduces less mana (use left ring slot)


Hunter Influenced ilvl 85 Stygian Wise

Good mods: Life, ES, Life%(hunter), Chaos Damage(Hunter), Str, Resistances

It took me alot of attempts to craft this belt, and it can be quite hard to get. Use Aberrant + Pristine for the sweet % life mods, chaos damage and chaos resistance. I endedup mastercrafting the suffixes on this, because it was so hard to hit.

You can also add a Prismatic fossil for more elemental rolls, but this makes it harder to roll life since you can higher chance of hitting WED (Elemental damage with attacks)

Regular Leather belts are also decent, but it saves you a jewel socket to use Stygian Wise for your Onslaught + Life jewel


Regular Jewels good mods: Life, ES, Attack Speed, Resistances - Damage mods: Projectile Damage, Damage over time, damage over time multi, Chaos Damage

Abyssal Jewels: Good Mods: Life, ES, Onslaught On Kill, Resistances, Damage over time



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