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PoE Endless Delve Starter Gear Preview

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In the upcoming endless delve, players can only choose solo mode and cannot get maps. This means that access to gear will become extremely limited. Now every class can get starter gear in endless delve. Characters will be given an appropriate selection of these items suited to their class, but you can share the items between characters via your stash.


PoE Endless Delve Starter Gear



Rust of Winter (Axe): underwhelming. Might be usable on phys Bladeblast to chill enemies with Brutality.

Ashes of the Sun (Mace): 500% Ignite duration is neat, but without Replica Emberwake and other faster Ignite sources, not a meaningful stat. 30% Ignite Chance okay for Fireball levelling.

Blood of Summer (Sword): BIS for most casters. +1 Frenzy, 33% frenzy charge on kill, 20% aoe, and a chunk of move speed. Mule a second one if you want.

Fragment of Eternity (Dagger): Very good CoC weapon. Fast speed, 12% Base crit, 45% Crit Multi, and 15% Power Charge on Kill. Decent starter weapon for Miners or Totem builds.

Scar of Fate (Claw): nice for summoners. Lv 20 Hatred lets you bypass needing Dex early and provides a nice chunk of damage.

Splinters of the Moon (Wand): rather underwhelming. 28% spell damage, 12% cast speed, and some mana regen. Can dual wield these until you can fossil craft two +1 wands.

Relic of the Cycle (Bow): Fairly good starter bow. Projectiles return okay for coverage.

Slivers of Providence (Quiver): Decent. 10 All res. 25% of Weapon Phys as random Element is neat and can help to freeze enemies early on.

Thunder of the Dawn (2H Sword): Interesting. Low damage, but 40% Lightning Res and 50% Phys taken as Lightning could be okay for defense. Berek's Respite shock prolif is neat but not enough to do anything meaningful.

Vestige of Divinity (Staff): Okay starter for slams, but underwhelming.

Remnant of Empires (Shield): Very strong. 30% spell block, 28% block, Res per endurance charge and End Charge generation on block. If not going full damage, likely will be kept for a while. Extremely good with Block necro or glass.

Starting setup tl;dr: if caster, double Sword; if miner or totem, claw + dagger (Icicle, GC) or double dagger, can go shield as well or sword if using charged mines; if minions, claw + shield

You can make several mules to get more copies of the weapon to vaal for good implicits:

  • Dagger: 50-60% spell damage, power charge on crit, frenzy on kill, 25-30 global crit multi
  • Sword: Fortify on Melee hit, Onslaught on Kill, 15-20% aoe
  • Wand: 8-10% Elemental penetration, power charge on crit, 15-20% aoe
  • Bow: Frenzy on kill, attack speed, local crit (Elemental Hit)
  • Shield: +1 socketed gems, 4-5% block or spell block
  • Quiver: Point Blank, 8-12% of Phys gained as Fire/Cold/Lightning


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