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PoE 3.9 Duelist Cyclone Slayer Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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After GGG weakened the Cyclone, it seems that this skill is no longer popular, but its excellent mapping speed and high damage still attract many players to try. If you want to experience a melee class in PoE 3.9, Cyclone is a good choice.

PoE 3.9 Duelist Cyclone Slayer Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

Quick Jump

Skill Tree


Normal Labyrinth: Headsman

This will beef up your single target against the Act bosses and open the next choice up.

Cruel Labyrinth: Bane of Legends

Slayer gets a super-Cull, 20% instead of 10. We also get a bunch of attack and movement speed to help assist clearspeed while leveling.

Merciless Labyrinth: Impact

Huge AOE buffs as well as another More damage multiplier while running.

Uber Labyrinth: Endless Hunger

This is our Slayer Quality of Life. Immunity to Bleed and Stuns while leeching, as well as free massive amounts of leech.


Soul of Solaris

This prevents a ton of damage as well as making us immune to bad RNG critical strike barrages from multiple hits. FeelsSafeMan.

Bandit: Kill all for +2 Skill Points.

Soul of Arakaali

Damage mitigation again but also a boost to our Slayer leech! Each time you have Blood Rage running (physical damage over time debuff) and you take a chunk of damage to proc our Immortal Call/Cast when Damage Taken setup (physical immunity for .4 seconds) then you proc this Pantheon for another 50% MORE LEECH PER SECOND!

Minor God Gruthkul

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/fPNP6HtW

PoE 3.9 Duelist Cyclone Slayer Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Generic Cyclone

Main 6 Link

Cyclone, Infused Channelling, Fortify, Melee Physical Damage, Pulverise, Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect (Swap for Single Target)

Secondary 6 Link

Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Multiple Totems, Concentrated Effect, Maim, Melee Physical Damage, Bloodlust


Hatred, Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand, Blood Rage

Defensive Cast when Damage Taken

Cast when Damage Taken, Vulnerability, Summon Lightning Golem, Steelskin

Movement Skill

Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Blood Magic, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Impale Cyclone

Main 6 Link

Cyclone, Impale, Infused Channelling, Fortify, Melee Physical Damage, Pulverise

Secondary 6 Link

Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Multiple Totems, Concentrated Effect, Maim, Melee Physical Damage, Bloodlust


Pride, Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand, Enlighten

Dread Banner, Blood Rage

Defensive Cast when Damage Taken

Cast when Damage Taken, Vulnerability, Summon Lightning Golem

Movement Skill

Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Blood Magic


Gear Setup

Make sure you're always resistance capped and have enough stats to equip your gear first.


Any 350-450+ Physical DPS weapon will do fine for most if not all content. Endgame (Red Tier Maps or Higher) you can aim for a 500-600+ Physical DPS Rare or something like Atziri's Disfavour/Starforge to get that bit of extra OOMPH. You can also look for a 400-600+ PDPS weapon with Socketed Gems are Supported by Level X Fortify for a pseudo 7-Link. Or be like me and self craft a 1000+ pdps Elder Vaal Axe ;) (PAIN BANE)

Unique alternatives: Kondo's Pride, Doomsower, Marohi Erqi, Panquetzaliztli, Geofri's Devotion, Tidebreaker, Kongor's Undying Rage.


Rare with life/resists/stats.

Unique Alternatives: Devoto's if you want a ton of attack speed but no life.


Rare chest with % max life/flat life/physical damage taken as elemental and resists/strength. You can also look for a pseudo 7-link chest crafted with Serrated Fossils for -15 mana cost of socketed skills suffix or Socketed skills are Supported by level 1 Maim for extra damage.

Unique Alternatives: Belly of the Beast is a great starter endgame chest, as is Loreweave, Carcass Jack, or the new Daresso's Defiance. 


Rares with life/resists and maybe Essence of Insanity. Flat physical to attacks/attack speed/dex/int or attack leech if you need here as well.

Unique alternatives: Haemophilia for bleeding enemy pops, Wyrmsign for a pseudo 5L/Rampage, Null and Void for Rampage memes, Tombfist for Intimidate + Jewel Sockets.


Rares with as much life/resists as possible. If you're doing Uber Elder, Kaom's Roots are an option to ignore the slow s u c c. Movespeed is irrelevant (Unless you're playing Cyclone, then get it), as we use Leap Slam.


Stygian belt for a free jewel socket OR an Elder rare with LIFE RECOVERY. THIS IS A MORE MULTIPLIER FOR OUR OVERALL LEECH SPEED. Life/resists/str/attack speed during flask/melee damage/physical damage, elemental damage, pen while using a flask, whatever. All good.

Unique alternatives: Meginord's Girdle, Belt of the Deceiver for Intimidate (10% more damage), Headhunter (sucks lul)


Steels (Impale Variants) or Opal Rings (Elemental Variants) with Life/Physical damage to attacks, and then your normal resists/attack speed/str/whatever you need. Intelligence maybe. If you're struggling with mana costs, you can craft minus mana cost of skills on both rings as a prefix, or look for Incursion-modded items with 70+ mana and -6+ mana cost of skills.

Unique alternatives: Ming's Heart, Voidheart, Ventor's if you wanna bit of MF I guess, doesn't matter much. Pick whatever you like.


Life/physical damage to attacks works as a starter. If you can get an Elder amulet with non-chaos as chaos/max life leech rate, great.

Unique Alternatives: Carnage Heart is fine for leveling, it's easily replaced by a good rare though. Daresso's Salute is insanely good for Cyclone.


Word of advice: Get whatever stats you are lacking first. These are just a guideline.

Normal Jewel Stat Priority:

  • Life

  • Melee phys with Swords/2h Weapons/Melee Damage

  • Attack Speed with Swords/2h Weapons

  • Attack Speed/Attack and Cast Speed

  • Physical Damage 

  • Area Damage/Damage 

  • Stats/resistances ONLY if you need.

Abyssal Jewel Stat Priority:

  • Life

  • Phys with Swords

  • Attack Speed

  • Phys to Attacks

  • Damage if you've killed recently

  • Unholy Might/Blind


All of the above suggestions are helpful to help you get the most out of the content, but if you want to push your character higher and higher, you need some gear that matches the endgame. For details, please refer to the pob.


Slot Enchantments

Gloves: Commandment Of Fury (AOE Clear Speed) or Of Spite (Defensive AOE Chill).

Helm: Cyclone Damage, Earthquake Duration, Ice Crash Physical Added as Cold, Bladestorm something once they add enchants lol.

Boots: Attack and Cast Speed if You've Killed Recently (Clear Speed) or Leech if You've Killed Recently (If you're having sustain issues)


Don't do cannot leech. You will die. Elemental Reflect is the same. We're good on Phys Reflect cause Slayer.

Less recovery is also annoying, as it reduces your leech rate per second.

If you want to do a curse map, just swap your Sin's Rebirth for a Curse Immunity something.



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