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PoE 3.7 Guide - Activate Legion Boss with Fast

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If you like to challenge the endless legion in the PoE 3.7 Legion League, you want to get rewards from legion with faster speed. So how to quickly find and activate the Legion boss is a very worthwhile thing to consider. Poecurrencbuy sharing a simple tips here may help you.


PoE 3.7 Guide - Activate Legion Boss with Fast


When you click on Monolith, you can easily determine whether there have legion boss in this area through the animation it displays.

After clicking Monolith, if Monolith is very stable and there are no special changes, there is no legion boss in this area.

PoE 3.7 Guide - Unlock Legion Boss with Fast


In contrast, if there is obvious purple smoke around Monolith, there is a legion boss in this area, and the position of the boss can be judged by the direction of the smoke.

As shown in GIF, the legion boss in the lower right corner.

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