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POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide Safehouse-Rewards and Syndicate-Specific Mods

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As the best poe currency website. We will not only provide cheap poe currency for POE players, but also update new content and superior guide about POE persistently to serve player in all dimensions.  Today we bring the latest guide about Safehouse-Rewards and Syndicate-Specific Mods for every poe player.

POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide Safehouse-Rewards and Syndicate-Specific Mods



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POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide Safehouse-Rewards


Complete List of Syndicate-Specific Mods

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Syndicate Item Max Rank Mod Cost
Aisling ring (14–16)% increased Chaos Damage; (14–16)% increased Global Physical Damage 4 chaos
Cameria ring +(21–23)% to Critical Strike Multiplier if you've Shattered an Enemy Recently; (14–16)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance 4 chaos
Elreon ring (-9–-8) to Total Mana Cost of Skills 1 exalted
Gravicius body armour Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield 4 chaos
Guff gloves (24–28)% increased Damage during any Flask Effect 4 chaos
Haku weapon, shield +(7–8)% to Quality of Socketed Gems 1 exalted
Hillock body armour 6% increased Attributes 4 chaos
It That Fled weapon (64–75)% increased Spell Damage; Gain 12% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage --or-- (43–50)% increased Spell Damage; Gain 6% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage 4 chaos
Janus helmet (41–45)% increased Rarity of Items Dropped by Slain Rare or Unique Enemies 4 regal
Jorgin amulet 10% Chance to Trigger Level 18 Summon Spectral Wolf on Kill 3 chaos
Korell helmet  (7–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage 1 divine
Leo ring, belt (17–20)% increased Damage 1 exalted
Riker ring (14–16)% increased Fire Damage; (14–16)% increased Lightning Damage 4 chaos
Rin boots Cannot be Frozen 4 chaos
Tora weapon Adds (14–16) to (17–20) Physical Damage; 40% chance to cause Bleeding on Hit --or-- Adds (9–11) to (12–14) Physical Damage; 40% chance to cause Bleeding on Hit 4 chaos
Vagan weapon Hits can't be evaded 3 exalted
Vorici gloves, amulet (37–43)% increased Damage while Leeching 1 exalted
Mastermind weapon, shield +2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems 1 exalted


These mods should only drop from their corresponding syndicate member.

For example, defeating Vagan will give him a chance to drop a veiled item with "Vagan's Veiled" prefix. Unveiling this item will have a chance to give "Vagan's" prefix aka "Hits cannot be evaded" as one of the three choices.

Veiled items that are obtained in certain other methods (e.g. Aisling's table) would probably only give the "Veiled" prefix or "of the Veil" suffix. These mods would not generate the special mods listed above.

And since these items are always dropped rare, you can only identify the mods with advanced tooltip or specifying in your item filter.

For more info: Item Filter Information , Full List of Crafting Mods

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