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POE 3.3 Marauder Starter Builds - Juggernaut | Berserker | Chieftain

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PoecurrencyBuy is going to share some Marauder Starter Builds for the Incursion league, which is the most anticipated content of Path of Exile 3.3.0 version. We are planning to create a full POE 3.3 builds collection for all classes, and we will finish it quickly, you can visit this page to check on progress! What's more, you guys can purchase Incursion currency from us too, we'd like always be your strong support in PoE.


POE 3.3 Marauder Starter Builds - Juggernaut | Berserker | Chieftain


Marauder Juggernaut 


1. PoE 3.3 -- Life Righteous Fire Juggernaut -- All Content


2. [PoE 3.3] The Iconic "EQ JUGG" Earthquake Juggernaut Build 2018 Edition (Shaper down!) +video guide!

3. [PoE 3.3] Ahn's Might Juggernaut - Uber Lab Farmer - League Starter - Shaper + End Game (Videos)


4. [PoE 3.3] EQ / Sunder Juggernaut - Uber Lab / Guardians - League Starter / Budget - with Videos

5. [PoE 3.3] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | 1H Sword'n'Board | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder


1. PoE 3.3 -- Life Righteous Fire Juggernaut -- All Content


1. Dyadus axes no longer buff burning damage. So, dual wielding dyadus axes, and dyadus AG are no longer viable.


2. Vaal Righteous Fire can be used to boost your damage. If you socket it in place of RF, it will give you two skills: regular RF, and Vaal RF. When you accumulate the required number of souls, you will be able to activate Vaal RF and have it active along regular RF, for four seconds. I'm not yet sure how effective it's going to be in practice.


Pros and Cons:

This build is affordable to begin but does require some very specific uniqueness. And it will not be exceptional by any means with cheap gear. It's really kinda mediocre before you start tossing Path of Exile currency in internet marketing. Gear which makes this build effective is costly. To conquer everything the sport provides, you have to invest around 10ex. A higher-finish gear set can cost you around 60ex.


With the proper gear, you are able to obvious all content. Apart from a few map mods. You cannot run "no regeneration" mod "reduced maximum resistances" and "reduced regeneration" cannot be operated on cheap gear, and therefore are kinda harmful with endgame gear "elemental weakness" is deadly in case your resists aren't overlapped.


The performance with decent gear:

Survivability 9/10

Clearspeed 8/10

Single-target damage 6/10



Oak or Kill All.

Oak - 1% life regenerated, 2% phys damage reduction

Kill All - 2 passive points


I recommend starting with Oak. When your gear is good, and if you feel like you have enough regeneration, you can switch to Kill All.



Unbreakable > Unflinching > Unrelenting

Unyielding - damage and aoe

Unstoppable - movement speed; stun, slow, and freeze immunity


I'd generally recommend beginning with Unyielding, after which eventually switching to Unstoppable. The factor is the fact that, in early stages of the Incursion league, you will probably have to run Conc Effect for that whole from the map, to manage enough damage. Unyielding can help make amends for the lost AoE.





Soul of Arakaali (Major God)

Soul of Abberath (Minor God)


Shield Charge:

Soul of Solaris (Major God) - worth unlocking secondary powers

Soul of Tukohama (Minor God) - make sure to unlock the secondary power


Level 88 Juggernaut tree: http://www.poeurl.com/bRxK


For more details of this build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1985355



2. [PoE 3.3] The Iconic "EQ JUGG" Earthquake Juggernaut Build 2018 Edition (Shaper down!) +video guide!



•The base delay between the initial attack and the aftershock is now 1 second (down from 1.5 seconds).

•The aftershock now deals more damage as the gem levels, dealing 69% more damage at gem level 20 (up from 50%).


nice! Much more damage! More often aftershocks! And it means we can stack more attack speed as well!

VAAL EARTHQUAKE also looks great for mapping! Will upload a vid once the gem is available! 


How does it work, in general?

1)Your damage directly scales off BASE damage. Base damage = your weapon damage. The greater = the greater. Ancestral Warchief scales exactly the same way.


2) The skill itself has two phases: the first hit and also the aftershock. Aftershock happens following a delay and does 150% of initial hit damage with bigger AOE. Therefore it is an enormous part of your damage, for both mapping and bossing. Therefore the build is not about ATTACK SPEED, unlike sunder, blade flurry, and frost blades. It comes down to hitting once and hitting hard. HEAVY HITTER this really is.



+decent AOE

+high effective HP: can be over 7000+

+stupid amount of Physical Damage mitigation. Over 90% of Phys damage reduction

+you chill in traps and walk through lab like it's nothing, thanx to high regen



-Not a boss killer really. But kills all bosses anyway.

-AOE could be better

-Clear speed is not like Duelists with dual wields

-Shaper is hard and a lot of practice

-Resistances are pretty low due to several uniques (still over 100+ with Endurance Charges up)



Why don't you run Immortal Call by default?

Since I don't actually need it. I favor to operate with Phys damage reduction, regen in addition to extra ALL RESISTANCE constantly. With Bubonic Trails, however, it may be a choice.


Can I Kill Uber Atziri / Uber Elder? Shaper at least? 

Shaper can be done (with quite a lot of time spent). For the rest - I don't think so. Uber Atziri = maybe. Uber Elder = the damage is just not there. 


What about going Brutality route with Blood Magic and Bleed stacks?

This is a rather greater DPS build and benefit Duelists better. I simply wanted that you follow an old-fashioned method of things and run T H I C C )


PoB link: https://pastebin.com/JpBqn5P4


Check full build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2149501



3. [PoE 3.3] Ahn's Might Juggernaut - Uber Lab Farmer - League Starter - Shaper + End Game (Videos)

*3.3 Update:* Nothing has really been nerfed or buffed with the build and I expect this will play exactly like it did in 3.2. I'd expect to be just as viable as it has been since Abyss league but as a warning expect the prices of some of the uniques in this build to be high for the first week or so of the new league.


This can be a build that utilizes Ahn's Might like a cost-effective way of doing damage. I began with this particular build in Abyss League and could complete the Uber Lab during the day 3. As of this moment, this build has had the ability to inflict izaro modifiers within the Uber Lab in addition to being in a position to carry people through uber lab too around the budget setup. With a few investments, this build has had the ability to tackle the endgame content such as the guardians and Shaper. The good thing may be the build you utilize to farm this gear could possibly be the same one that you employ to map and take finish game.



This build is really a more balanced method of uber lab farming that enables us to possess a character that may map effectively. We utilize fortify and endurance charges over typical flat armor scaling to obtain our defenses for Izaro. The Juggernaut ascendancy provides for us bonuses to endurance charges and has a choice of giving us bonuses to fortify too. Which means that we will not have the ability to face roll through traps but we still have ample defense for izaro without having to sacrifice way too hard around the damage side from the build.


Tree Leveling Guide:

34 points: For the first points you'll want to get the resolute technique and get over to the duelist side of the tree. We'll eventually spec out of resolute technique but it's good to have until you get bonuses to crit.


72 points: You'll want to get endurance charges as well as a leech and your jewel slot for Overwhelming Odds and Pacifism. We go with one up on Templar side for extra int.


93 points: We drop resolute technique and pick up some crit nodes and the sword nodes in the marauder side. If you need more life get those first instead of damage.


Final Tree at level 90: www.poeurl.com/bNby


Passive Tree for End Game: http://www.poeurl.com/bNbC


Full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2048886



4. [PoE 3.3] EQ / Sunder Juggernaut - Uber Lab / Guardians - League Starter / Budget - with Videos


This build is really a solid league starter. With the ability to progress into red maps and farm the Uber (Eternal) Labyrinth with limited funds. Here is the setup that i'm running for farming Uber Lab and Guardians. Rather of Atziri's Disfavour, you should use any two-handed axe, but it's a large upgrade when it comes to damage.



- The base delay between the initial attack and the aftershock is now 1 second (down from 1.5 seconds).

- The aftershock now deals more damage as the gem levels, dealing 69% more damage at gem level 20 (up from 50%).


Vaal Earthquake

Added a brand new Strength jewel - Vaal Earthquake: Smash the floor, dealing damage within an area and cracking our planet. The crack will erupt inside a effective aftershock following a short delay. Your steps will deal damage surrounding you for any duration, cracking our planet when the previous cracks have erupted.


Vaal Skill Changes

- Vaal skill gems now also grant the bottom form of the skill in the same level and quality because the Vaal jewel. For instance, a Vaal Burning Arrow skill jewel now grants both Vaal Burning Arrow and also the Burning Arrow skills.



Help Oak



Lab: Unflinching, Unbreakable, Unstoppable, Unrelenting


Mapping: you may take Unyielding instead of Unrelenting or Unbreakable or Unstoppable (kinda depends on map tier / map mods / gear / personal preference)

Note: Unyielding is ~5% more dmg (8 endu -> 40% inc dmg -> results in ~5% more dps)



Farming maps: Gruthkul, Lunaris

Farming guardians: Tukohama, Solaris



Atziri's Promise, Lion's Roar, instant heal (+ bleed removal), another instant heal (+increased armour during flask effect), basalt (+freeze removal)


Level 93 tree: www.poeurl.com/bVQ5


Read full build information: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1965844



5. [PoE 3.3] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | 1H Sword'n'Board | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

Since I am getting a lot of questions Ingame as well as in PM's, I made the decision for hosting a Discord Server for Build Related Questions. I really hope it does not get totally beyond control, and so i limited the voice funnel to 4 people. I am also wondering much more about my community.


A number of you may know my other guides, the ELE CLAW and also the CHAOS-FIRE Inquisitor or even the old-fashioned building "Destroy the Atlas-Double Warchief" along time ago. This build is much more built towards individuals who crave a very tanky playstyle with as many as 8,5k existence while still getting a really solid 1.5-two million DPS output. When it comes to electricity, this build may be the most powerful I've ever made or at best at just like others. The name Indisputable Jugg originates from its amazing new keystone which goes through the same name. It greatly synergizes using the very underused weapon "Grelwood Shank". Wich itself has amazing synergy using the Molten Strike Skill.



- Really Tanky (8-9k HP. 17k Armor. 80Marex. 56% Block)

- Good Single Target Damage (~1.7m)

- Quite Fast clearing

- Lightning Fast movement/attacks

- All Content farmable

- Eats Uber-Lab and Izaro for Breakfast

- Great Gear-Curve from Beginner to Endgame

- Endgame Gear not super-expensive

- Hardcore-Viable

- Run EVERY map mod (even elemental reflect)

- Run the most extreme combinations of mods even on T16



- Requires careful reading of the Guide!

- Endgame Amulet still kinda expensive (5-7ex)

- Rings can be a bit tricky to craft/find/buy


Levelling Guide:

We take Elemental Overload first, it truly aids in damage while levelling. After that it's pretty straightforward. The Final factor we all do is complete the Existence wheel while you level greater.


Also, I suggest levelling this build as Sunder until you're able to make use of the Grelwood Shank. At this time Sunder can level by doing this from 1-60 within 4 hrs if you are great. An ideal demonstration is that this Video here from RaiZQT. Browse the video for those his great info.


PoB link: https://pastebin.com/DMwQEHBx


Check full build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2125173



Marauder Berserker 


1. [PoE 3.3] The Warchief | [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief | 2m dps+ | Uber Farmer| Elder & Shaper Down

2. [PoE 3.3] Sunder Zerker || FAST - Cheap - Great DPS || SSF Friendly


1. [PoE 3.3] The Warchief | [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief | 2m dps+ | Uber Farmer| Elder & Shaper Down


over 6k Life

~1000 life/s with enduring cry and all charges (over 15% life reg)

73% phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks

hard to die because you stay behind your Totems

can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh because your totems will kill himself on hit)

at lvl 16+ (facebreakers) all content ezpz

perfect for hard bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper

Stun immune with over 25 Rage stacks



clear speed is average

Totem playstyle is not for everyone

10% life degen (but with ~15% life reg we still have 5% and don't degen)


The Pantheon


The very best Major Pantheon for all of us may be the Brine King which provides free (almost) Stun Immunity:


You cannot be Frozen if you've been Frozen Recently

You cannot be Stunned if you've been Stunned Recently


The best Minor Pantheon for us is the Gruthkul which provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction


+5% chance to Evade Attacks if you've taken a Savage Hit recently

1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%






For DMG:

40% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage

Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active

For Defense:

150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Stone Golems

For Others:

12% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Radius




For DMG:

10% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite if you haven't Crit Recently

Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently

For Defense:

Regenerate 2.0% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently

8% chance to Dodge Spell Damage if you've taken Spell Damage Recently

10% Chance to Dodge if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently

For Others:

10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently




Remember: The best we can get is an on-hit corruption (Temporal Chains for defense, Elemental Weakness and Vulnerability for Offence).


But the best Enchantment would be Cast Commandment of Reflection when Hit (because the clone takes some dmg for us)



First, we visit War Bringer because this is our primary heal skill

Then we visit Desire the Slaughter to obtain the Bonus the trend provides us while using our Warcry ability.

Next we go ahead and take Facet of Carnage along with the last 2 points in the Uber Lab we take Rite of Ruin to obtain the double bonus from your Rage stacks (picking Rite of Ruin finally allows us to carry out a smoother Ulab run for yourself, due to the lower degen from 5%. Following the Ulab and Rite of Ruin we've 10% degen at max Rage stacks).


Ultra High Budget Tree lvl 95: 


PoB: https://pastebin.com/zRV1US3p


Official: https://bit.ly/2snUn3A


For more details of this build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250


2. [PoE 3.3] Sunder Zerker || FAST - Cheap - Great DPS || SSF Friendly

It seems like the angle on Berserkers following the 3.2 changes continues to be fairly lower. The ascendancy may not enable super unique play styles, however, if you simply are searching for any very SOLID & FUN melee experience of POE give Zerker a go. The play style is active and needs control over flasks (piano), and talents.


Berserker being an ascendancy essentially exchanges defense for increases within the offense. So we have to complete our character in different ways.


My intention with this build was an SSF viable, Safe and Fast mapper and so I could push ladder occasional athlete style.

Dying at greater levels sets you back considerably, and so I designed the type to possess a nice balance. A range of movement skills enables you to definitely suit the playstyle to whatever kind of maps you want, whether indoor or outside. The build can also be Very flexible with gear and you sense each upgrade.(Something Personally, I miss with many different the overpowered builds)

With higher gear, I am sure the build can kill guardians and shaper but sunder is much more of the clearing skill, therefore, it will feel below par.




+ Easy Damage Scaling


+ Feels Smooth to Play

+ SSF Friendly

+ Cheap to Gear

+ No League Specific Uniques Required!




- Unable to Run Reflect Maps & No Regen mods

- Less Recovery is Annoying




Pop bloodstream rage (once is all that's necessary), piano your flasks, Leap Slam right into a pack and go apeshit.

Make use of your warcry to heal yourself and up endurance charges if needed. The warcry setup also provides a nice healing effect for several seconds. Whenever you encounter an especially tanky rare or harmful situation make use of your Vaal Elegance and throw lower a totem. The Vaal Elegance lasts ten seconds so it features a high uptime generally.


Path Of Building link: https://pastebin.com/3TJrLQgx


All build details: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2149719


Marauder Chieftain


1. [PoE 3.3] Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore


2. [PoE 3.3] Demi's PURE STRENGTH Righteous Fire Chieftain! SUPER BUDGET, UBER LAB/Atziri/T16 VIABLE

3. [PoE 3.3] For Chieftain - Ngamahu Overloaded (Another Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Build)


1. [PoE 3.3] Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore




Vaal Skill Changes

* Vaal skill gems now also grant the bottom form of the skill in the same level and quality because of the Vaal jewel. For instance, a Vaal Burning Arrow skill jewel now grants both Vaal Burning Arrow and also the Burning Arrow skills.


* Utilizing a Vaal skill now prevents you from gaining souls for those Vaal skills for a while of your time following the skill can be used. The time period of this effect differs from skill to skill.


* Whereas formerly the price of Vaal skills would rise in areas after Act 5, and again after Act 10, the price of all Vaal skills has become consistent through the game. This really is worth bearing in mind when searching in the following changes, as although a lot of Vaal skill costs happen to be elevated in comparison with their base cost formerly, they're typically now less than the price you'd have compensated in greater-level areas.


* Damaging rare opponents now generates 1 Vaal soul per 2% life it loses, having a 1 second cooldown.


* Damaging unique opponents now generates 3 Vaal souls per 2% life it loses, having a 1 second cooldown.



+  This build is insanely fun. Half the time I laughing too hard to control my character and its gotten me killed more than once.

+  Pretty fast map clear. I'm not going to claim its Deadeye fast or even sub-minute fast but for a guy who enjoys wacky builds instead of the speed metal, this one is going pretty fast.

+  Bosses melt as your swirling fireball of doom engulfs them in seconds. 

+  Unique items are all fairly easy to acquire, finding a decently rolled items was no problem at all(at the time). Most expensive uniques were Eye, Inspired Learning and Might of the Meek.

+  Surprisingly safe build. Packs and bosses usually die so quickly they don't get to hit you often. Cyclone prevents stuns and is great for dancing around attacks.

+  Staves have the long range so cyclone has some good radius without having to invest in AoE

+  We can turn on RF for bosses for even more damage!

+  This build is WAY BETTER now that 3.3 has landed with the change to how Vaal Skills function vs bosses, the changes to the Combustion gem(formerly Chance to Ignite) and updates to ignite chance and fire damage all over the skill tree. Throw in the New Vaal Blade Vortex skill for mapping(if we want to) plus some interesting corruptions from Incursion temples and it's gonna be a great league.

+  We only need 5 links in our weapon and body armour so it does keep that end of the costs down.



-  Can't-do maps like phys/ele reflect or No Regen and reduced regen or -max resists can be a pain. 

-  Expensive to gear because of the high value rares you have to obtain; T1-2 cold/lightning resist to make up for all the uniques are essential. I personally wouldn't do this as a league starter unless you just want to go Chieftain Ancestral Warchief or Sunder to map until you can collect the gear. Still, this character only cost about 5 ex to gear up so it is not too bad.

-  The strain on lower-end computers can be immense. My PC is clocked to be able to handle things like this and any lag or choppiness you see in videos is server side and not graphical.

-  Party play can also be problematic for these reasons. You thought that time you grouped with Tarke when he was playing Magma Orb was bad for your potato pc lol...

-  Despite being pretty safe for softcore, I would also not recommend this build for Hardcore. A server stutter or poor circumstance will not be good for your sanity.

-  Staves are great and all but a Razor of the Seventh Sun dual wield/shield would possibly be faster and wouldn't require move speed on boots. You could even use Shield Charge to get your aoe hits.

-  In 3.2 since you can't gain Vaal Souls from hitting bosses yet, instanced boss rooms and any boss with multiples phases is a huge pain and either requires logging to loop the map a diff direction for more souls OR a swap in gem sockets to a 3rd CWDT set up for things like elder guardians.


SKill Tree Updated for 3.3 (PoB Pastebin): https://pastebin.com/U7NqBw07


Check full build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2148789



2. [PoE 3.3] Demi's PURE STRENGTH Righteous Fire Chieftain! SUPER BUDGET, UBER LAB/Atziri/T16 VIABLE

3.3 Notes: Build Now Gets Vaal RF + RF For FREEE Hooray BUFFS.


For those who have any queries concerning the build, look into the guide or read a couple of pages of questions and solutions. Probably it's recently been clarified on my own or another person. Should you still ben't able to find it, join my Discord and get within the Help-desk funnel or visit me on stream?


Bandits + Pantheons:

Points or Oak. I take Oak personally.

For Pantheons, you are able to take anything you want. They may be hot-swapped so just test whichever you want most.


Leveling Guide

I leveled with Cleave until I acquired Firestorm, that we used until I discovered Cast When Channeling   Scorching Ray. I acquired a 4 link to Scorching Ray, Cast When Channeling, Firestorm, and Fire Transmission also it transported me through Cruel/Cruel/Labyrinth. Amazingly strong and far lower mana costs than Firestorm/Echo.


You can also level as a Melee character with Sunder, any weapon. I prefer caster.


Suggested Uniques: Goldrim, Wanderlust, Tabula Rasa, Axiom Perpetums/Lifesprings

Random other stuff: Minus Mana Cost Elreon Jewelry, extra Quicksilver Flasks


Attempt to cap your Elemental Resists by act 5-6 and obtain just as much life on gear as you possibly can. Any rare item you put on must have a minimum of some life or resists, ideally both. Stick to the "Other Gear Stat Priorities" section lower below for individuals non-unique slots.


Path of Building Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NS81KNhj 


See the whole build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1729087/



3. [PoE 3.3] For Chieftain - Ngamahu Overloaded (Another Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Build)

Jewels Setup

Increased attack speed %

Physical damage %

Fire damage %

Area damage %

Increased projectile damage %

Max life %

Damage over time % (ignite skill tree only)

Chance to ignite % (ignite skill tree only)

Critical strike chance %

Resistance (if you are missing)

Intelligence (if you are missing)


Lab Enchantments

Priority listed is top (best) down (worse). 



15% increased Cyclone Attack Speed

40% increased Cyclone Damage

Ancestral Protector Totem grants 18% increased Attack Speed while Active

Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased attack speed

Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active

30% Increased Flammability Curse Effect

15% reduced Anger Mana Reservation

30% reduced Herald of Ash Mana Reservation



Attack with Commandment of Fury on Hit


WARNING: Gloves enchantment on Spike Gloves will lose the melee damage 



120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently (only for Elemental Overload skill tree)

Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently

16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently

0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently

Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently


Pantheon System

Soul of Solaris


6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only one nearby Enemy

20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits

8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently

Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently

50% chance to avoid Ailments from Critical Strikes


Soul of Arakaali (if you use Blood Rage)


5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time

10% chance to Avoid Lightning Damage when Hit

50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently

30% reduced Effect of Shock on you

30% reduced Shock Duration on You

+25% Chaos Resistance against Damage Over Time


Soul of Ryslatha


Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently

60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life


Resolute Technique Version Tree(Level 100): www.poeurl.com/bMVy


Elemental Overload Version Tree(Level 100): www.poeurl.com/bMIh


Read full build information: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2092338


If you are going to play Juggernaut, Berserker, and Chieftain in Incursion league, these Marauder Starter Builds would be a great help to you, and if you have any good builds, you can share with us - email your build to [email protected], and we will give you a certain amount of money as reward, or we can give you some Poe Currency, like Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb, the most requested currency in Path of Exile.

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