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PoE 3.16 Scourge 6-Link Bow Farming Guide

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This is a PoE 3.16 guide that allows you to quickly get a 6-Link bow as soon as possible.

PoE 3.16 Scourge 6-Link Bow Farming Guide


Many people are starting as Toxic Rain this league, and so are looking to obtain a 6-Link bow as soon as possible. The best one for this early on is farming the divination card The Porcupine, which can be made in to an early +2 bow via Shrieking/Deafening Essence of Dread (which are now super easy to get in 3.16 as Zana Essence is back) and later even multimodded for a bow like this relatively cheaply. You could keep spamming the Essence until you hit IAS or DoT Multi to save on multimodding costs.

The way this card was farmed last league has changed, so here's a quick guide how to get it fast and super early in 3.16 very shortly after you start mapping:


  • Underground River (Hamlet, T2)
  • Canyon (Hamlet, T2)
  • Dunes (Hamlet, T2)
  • Waterways (Glennach, T2)
  • Reef (Glennach, T2)

1. Obtain 3-4 Watchstones

2. Place 1 Watchstone in Valdo's Rest and Lira Arthain

3. Obtain X amountof T2 Plaza OR T2 Gardens. More the better, but I'd recommend at least 4-5 to mitigate risk of running out early if unlucky (just run random other T2-T5 maps while having both of these available in Atlas as T2)

4. Place 1-2 Watchstones to the same region where you run your T2 maps:

5a) When you run T2 Plazas, place 1-2 watchstone to Hamlet (you can use sextants!)

  • This makes the only available T2 in the Atlas T2 Gardens

5b) Once you run out of T2 Plazas to run, place watchstones in Glennach, and run T2 Gardens

  • Only available T2 map in this setup is T2 Plaza
    1.Repeat step 5) by alternating the watchstones and the map you run

Remember, you can use T1 Dungeons in a 3-To-1 recipe to upgrade for T2 Plazas

  • With 4 T1 Dungeon maps you have 4 different map combinations to attempt getting Plazas
    -> A+B+C, A+B+D, A+C+D, B+C+D
    -> Same can be done with T1 Haunted Mansions for T2 Gardens

The reason you can't just run T2 Plaza without watchstone in that region is due to it being connected to T2 Underground River, which would drop extremely often especially if you leave it uncompleted. Same goes for Gardens and Reef for Glennach.

Good luck in 3.16!


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