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PoE 3.12 Heist Useful Tips

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PoE 3.12 Heist has been released for more than a month, do you like this heist theme? Poecurrency prepared this PoE 3.12 Heist Useful Tips guide for players, hoping it helps you! !

PoE 3.12 Heist Useful Tips


Preview all rewards

Before going straight to the target room, use the arrow keys (→↑←↓) on your keyboard to preview all the reward boxes and plan your route carefully! !

Don't miss the free safe box!

You may not have noticed that there are 2 safe boxes near the target in some areas that can be opened by the player. Opening these 2 safe boxes will not increase the alert level and will not be locked after lockdown.

PoE 3.12 Heist Useful Tips - Safe Box

Don't miss it!

Unlock Contraband Items

In hesit, the most frustrating thing for players is the currency and items that fall into the ground after death. If you get high-value currency or items in the heist, you can return from the area entrance before lockdown. At this time, you will find that these heist items will be unlocked!

You can still re-enter the heist area and the alert level will not change! ! When your inventory is about to be full, you can also choose to throw some items on the ground at the extraction point and they will not disappear.

Upgrade your level through contracts

Thank you Zizaran for sharing this unexpected surprise with us.

In short, you need two Contracts, Repository and Tunnels of level 83. Of course, you can appropriately lower the level according to the strength of your build.

So what should we do?

1. Get targets

2. Clear the monster and return to the entrance (don't leave)

3. Go deep into the target room again

4. Repeat 2, 3

5. Return to the entrance and leave the current area

You will gain a lot of experience during this process, don't try to stay more than 3 times.

Recommended affixes

  • Find 'increased Job Experience gain' on Heist Gear early.
  • Find '+1 to Level of all Jobs' '+1 to xxx Level' prefix on Heist Tool.

What use is this? We know that Karst is a very useful npc, he can reduce the alert level. But his maximum Perception level is only 3, and his Agility maximum level is only 2.

If you give him equipment with this affix, it will allow him to participate in Level 4 Perception and Level 3 Agility! ! !

  • Find '#% chance to not generate Alert Level on opening a Chest using xxx' suffix on Heist Tool.
  • Find '#% reduced raising of Alert Level from opening Chests' and '#% chance on opening a Chest to not generate Alert Level' on Heist Cloak




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