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PoE 2021 December Event is Coming!

PoeCurrencyBuy Date: Nov/19/21 09:35:09 Views: 1753

2021 is about to end, and GGG has prepared a month-long PoE event for this. Players participating in the event will get mystery boxes and randomly-drawn microtransaction prizes, don't miss it! The following is the original announcement.


We have six event types planned which begin in early December and run through to the first week of January. While you wait for the full announcement, we can confirm the event dates, duration and that Endless Delve is making a return! We'll also have several days of Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus, a version of Royale which made its debut during our recent Twitch Rivals tournament. Zizaran is also hosting another Gauntlet event which will be supported by us in the schedule and with bonus prizes.

Check out the schedule below. These events will all start at Noon Pacific Time.

  • December 3 - Endless Delve (10 Days)
  • December 8 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
  • December 10 - Zizaran's Gauntlet (10 days)
  • December 17 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)
  • December 22 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
  • December 24 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)
  • December 29 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
  • December 31 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)

In the 10 day events, top-ranked players of each Ascendancy Class will be eligible for the coveted Demigod's Authority and participating players will be awarded with mystery boxes and eligible for randomly-drawn microtransaction prizes. We'll also be providing Twitch Drops on the first day of each 10 day event!

While we'll leave a little mystery about the TBA events for now, we can at least say that these are events we haven't run before and do not include the Turmoil, Mayhem or Flashback events from the past. We're very excited to see what you think!

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