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PoE 2021 December Event - Endless Heist

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Endless Heist is the fourth event in December. If you love Heist's cast of colourful rogues now, think how much more you'll love them after being stuck with them for ten days! 

PoE 2021 December Event - Endless Heist


In the Endless Heist event, you begin in the Rogue Harbour and are unable to leave except to run Contracts and Blueprints. Contracts no longer cost Rogue Markers to run, and Contracts and Blueprints are available in large quantities so that you can play Heists non-stop.

Your character starts with two level 1 Contracts in their inventory. The display case at the end of a Contract is guaranteed to drop another Contract, scaling its area level with your character level. Enemies can also occasionally drop Contracts. If you ever run out, Adiyah has a stockpile of Contracts she'll sell you for bargain prices. From area level 50 onwards, Contract display cases will also have a chance to drop a Blueprint. Quest Contracts and Unique Contracts will not be available in this event.

Just like Endless Delve, Lilly Roth has shown up to sell you gems and accept divination card turn-ins. You start with unique items and extra Scrolls of Wisdom, and you gain passive skill points, Ascendancy passive skill points, and Kitava's curses as you level up.

  • Starting at Noon December 17 (PST) 
  • Ending at Noon December 27 (PST)
  • Standard, Hardcore, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions available.
  • This event is voided. (Items and characters do not transfer to parent leagues at the end of the event)

Endless Heist Event Prizes

Demigod's Authority

The top five of each Ascendancy Class in all versions of the event will be awarded a Demigod's Authority. Each Demigod's Authority will display your event class rank. Changing your Ascendancy Class is disabled for the duration of the event.

Atlantis Mystery Box

In the Endless Heist Event, you'll be automatically awarded an Atlantis Mystery Box for reaching level 50. This is a guaranteed prize that's only available once per account. Leveling multiple characters in the same event will not grant multiple mystery boxes.

Random Draw Microtransactions

If you reach one of the level thresholds below, you'll automatically be in the draw to win one of the microtransaction prizes below. These will be drawn at random and shared across all versions of the event.

PoE 2021 December Event - Endless Heist Prize Pool

The microtransaction prizes are not awarded automatically based on meeting the level requirements. Prizes will be awarded after the end of the event. Leveling multiple characters in the same event will increase your chances of winning one of the randomly-drawn prizes.


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