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Path of Exile Xbox 1 3.1.1d Patch Notes

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Path of Exile has updated Path of Exile Xbox One 3.1.1d, Within this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share Skill Behaviour Improvements, Abyss League Improvements, Monster Balance, Map and Atlas Balance, New Options, And Bug Fixed in Poe Xbox A single 3.1.1d for you personally

Path of Exile Xbox 1 3.1.1d Patch Notes

Skill Behaviour Improvements:
You may now precisely target precisely where to throw traps making use of LT.
You can also precisely target where to work with Mirror Arrow using LT. Mirror Arrow now aims enemies by default, as opposed to a fixed distance out of your character.
Vaal Storm Call now targets an enemy's place by default.
Slightly modified the behavior of Flicker Strike to much better operate although moving and targeting enemies who're not in range.
Enhanced target prioritization. You will now additional reliably target nearby enemies.

Abyss League Improvements:
The likelihood of encountering one of the Lich bosses at the end of an Abyss at level 75 maps and above is now three instances as likely. The possibility of meeting a lich amongst level 70-74 has been improved even further, bringing it as much as match the chance of a level 75 map.
Added a minimap show icon that moves as the Abyss crack travels along the ground.
The Nicely Creeper from Abysses fan of blades has been adjusted to complete less damage on hit, but deal total Damage when the leaves explode.
The initial Hit the whirling charge utilized by Threshers and Risen Threshers from Abysses along with the Ullman Lich encounter has had its harm reduced.
Further improvements have created towards the visibility of Abyss cracks.
The bounding box for Abyssal Depths entrance has decreased in size.
Abysses happen to be disabled from appearing in the Apex of Sacrifice and the Alluring Abyss to stop a widespread instance crash.
The Pitworm monsters from Abysses now only attack at the incredibly extended range if other monsters are also striking their target.

Monster Balance:
Reduced the frequency with which Quetzerxi could emit lightning projectiles.

Map and Atlas Balance:
Disabled the Pen Map from being able to spawn as a Zana mission because it wasn't completable together with the "Kill Corrupted Bosses" mission.
Null Portals encountered in Elder-influenced maps have had their life decreased.
The number of Kitava's Heralds that could be spawned at when by Null Portals has been lowered.
Various projectile mods no longer impact physical Thorns and Elemental Thorns on maps.

New Options:
Added a single exclusive item and a linked Divination Card.
Improved the visuals of Ancestral Contact when utilized with Ancestral Protector.
You'll be able to now opt for no matter if or to not utilize a full Passive Skill refund on a current character if one has been granted.
Hovering a jewel over a jewel socket on the passive skill tree now displays the jewel's radius.

Bug Fixes:
Debuffs now generally show on the second line, instead of from time to time appearing on the 1st line when you had no active buffs.
The Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that destroyed further corpses was destroying other bodies than was initially intended. The magic will now only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth, and all existing versions of this enchantment will likely be changed to ensure that Volatile Dead can just destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 further bodies.
Fixed a bug causing some audio not to be played in conditions correctly where several sounds have been already being played.
Fixed a bug where Elder Guardian areas may be produced at the incorrect level.
Fixed a bug correctly where players could be capped on Elder- and Shaper-influenced areas, and would have their progress prevented.
Fixed a bug causing debuffs to overlap together with the Rampage kill counter.
Fixed a bug which triggered the "Abandon Mission" button to seem at the leading of Vagan's dialogue alternatives.
Fixed a bug exactly where strongboxes have been able to revive Abyss monsters.
Fixed a bug where a particular monster with Inner Treasure wouldn't drop a unique item.
Fixed a bug where the "Defeat the Atziri trio by killing A'alai last" challenge was not able to be completed.
Fixed a bug exactly where maps of higher than Tier 16 may be developed.
Invalid maps will now be treated as unshaped when utilized within the mapping device."
Fixed a bug exactly where Amanamu, Liege of your Lightless could cease taking actions and grow to be immune to damage.
Fixed a bug where The Eradicator was able to channel Lightning Tendrils with no line of sight to his target.
Fixed a bug where Spell Echo and Multistrike's repeating behavior did not work correctly when supporting Minions.
Fixed a bug exactly where getting a Spell socketed in the Poet's Pen would stop other triggered skills from triggering.
Fixed a bug exactly where "Projectiles gain x% on Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain" was not working for those who only had 1 Chain.
Fixed a bug where Heretic's Veil displayed "x% reduced Impact of Socketed Jewels" rather than "Socketed Curse Gems have x% reduced Mana Reservation."
Fixed a bug where items could get unintended combinations of mods, causing "Socketed Gems are supported by Level 38 Poison" to appear on items. This was a display concern only. Current items will remain as is.
Fixed a bug exactly where Blood Providing did not share a Supplying slot with other Supplying skills.
Fixed a bug exactly where Cremation supported by Spell Cascade was not consuming as a lot of corpses since it ought to have.
Fixed a bug where Body Swap supported by Spell Totem was not capable to target corpses close to Kitava.
Fixed a bug with Magma Orb projectile behavior when supported by Volley.
"Fixed a bug with Witchfire Brew exactly where it would trigger map curses to possess double their impact."
Fixed a bug exactly where the Echoes of Witchcraft Prophecy could trigger and be consumed without having to be completable. This prophecy will no longer appear for characters above level 18.
Fixed a problem where huge rats had the incorrect attack length set. This results in a nerf of harm for the Swarming Rat and Overgrown Rat monsters.
Fixed a bug where Physique Swap could be utilized to acquire past quest blocking objects.
Fixed a bug where some skills would target nearby Forsaken Masters.
Fixed a bug exactly where Molten Strike with gloves with an "on hit" enchantment result in desync.
Fixed a bug where maps could roll the same mod kind twice.
Fixed a bug where Strongboxes would not spawn in Lookout maps.
Fixed a bug with unconnected rooms within the Lava Chamber map.
Fixed a bug together with the Lightning Thorns applied by Shavronne of Umbra, Prodigy of Darkness, and Gisela Thought Thief. It both returned lightning damage when hit as well as made use of the new implementation.
Fixed a bug where the Labyrinth Darkshrine that gives an additional unique item wouldn't function.
Fixed a bug where Spike Traps within the Labyrinth could behave inconsistently.
Fixed a bug exactly where the effective resolution would occasionally use incorrect profiling info and cause artifacts in resolution adjustment.
Fixed different issues with Act 7 quests.
Fixed a bug in the display of your Act 9 Storm Blade quest.
Fixed a bug exactly where the NPC dialogue window could overlap with their spoken text.
Fixed a bug which prevented you from removing a jewel from an unallocated passive jewel socket. You'll be able to now eliminate jewels from unallocated sockets in case your cursor is empty.
Fixed a bug exactly where you might unintentionally select sockets on other items when socketing gems on an unequipped item.
Fixed a bug where the rewards for the Storm Blade quest wouldn't produce appropriately.
Fixed a bug using the Imp Haste microtransaction.
Fixed a source of desync within the Eradicator fight.
Fixed a bug that could result in the boss fight of a Twinned Core Map to not work.
Fixed an instance crash brought on by Ice Spear.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur just after The Elder, The Elder Guardians or The Shaper have been defeated.
Fixed a bug which prevented you from properly moving a replaced flask for your most important inventory using the B button.
Fixed a bug where you could unintentionally interact with planet objects on releasing a button used for a skill.
Fixed a bug which prevented the Divination stash from correctly scrolling when navigating it making use of the D-pad.
Fixed a bug exactly where the scroll bar would interact strangely with all the Divination Stash when a filter was selected.
Fixed a bug exactly where you might open the skill binder on the skill panel while you had been picking gem sockets.
Fixed some missing button prompts.
Fixed several challenges with controls inside the quest rewards window.
Fixed a bug exactly where you may incorrectly assign the triggered skills granted from Labyrinth enchantments to your skill bar.
Fixed a bug exactly where you could attempt to spot an Abyss jewel into an Abyssal socket on an unidentified item.
Fixed a bug with button prompts on celebration members' portals displaying incorrectly.
Fixed a bug exactly where crafting bench error messages were not displaying correctly.
Fixed a bug which prevented you from being able to preview particular item types around the Trade board appropriately.
Fixed a bug exactly where Abyss Jewels would incorrectly apply restrictions from their old mods when rerolled with Chaos Orbs. The Chaos Orb replaces all mods, so the limitations shouldn't apply. The purpose of those limits will be to stop incompatible mods from spawning, not to give guided Chaos Orb crafting.
Fixed a bug where the "Prefixes Can't be Changed" and "Suffixes Can't be Changed" mods have been able to become crafted onto Abyss Jewels.
Improved efficiency within the Alleyways map.
Fixed a bug where the Celestial Footprints microtransaction was not visible in the microtransaction shop.
Fixed a bug that could bring about the microtransaction shop to take also lengthy to load.
Fixed a bug exactly where the shop would not work with languages other than English.
Fixed a bug that could result in the microtransaction shop to crash.
Fixed a bug with loading the War for the Atlas supporter pack microtransactions.
Fixed a bug exactly where gems socketed in weapons within the alternate weapon slots have been not automatically leveling up.
Fixed a bug that in some cases prevented completion of the Twilight Temple map.
Fixed two crashes with the Eradicator.
Fixed a bug that could avoid some items from appearing in the trade industry, or could bring about items to appear in the trade marketplace that had been no longer up for trade.
Fixed a bug that prevented you from renaming an undeleted character with no a keyboard.
Fixed a crash related to texture size.
Fixed a crash which occurred when trying to use an empty crafting bench.
Fixed a single instance crash.
Fixed a frequent client crash.

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