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Path of Exile POELAB Introduction

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Path of Exile POELAB Introduction

The Labyrinth is a dungeon style map that has randomly generated layouts, puzzles, and prizes that are all guarded by the final boss, Izaro. The player will have to face him 3 separate times when traversing the Labyrinth. There are no portals, so if you die, you will have to start completely over.

  • The Labyrinth can be attempted as many times as desired.

  • There are no waypoints. Upon death, players must resurrect in town and the current Labyrinth ends. Disconnecting, logging out, or exiting the game also ends the current Labyrinth. The Player will resurrect in the town of the act they came from.

  • Players may not use town portals, except to leave. When using a portal, a warning message will confirm the choice to abandon the current Labyrinth. This portal will take the player to the Act 3 town, regardless of where it was entered.

  • Any keys found must be used in the current Labyrinth. Like quest items, keys cannot be traded or moved to a stash. Unused keys will be dropped (destroyed) when leaving the Labyrinth.

  • The stash is accessible before each encounter with Izaro, and in the Ascendancy Chamber.

How to enter the POELAB

  • Each Labyrinth can be accessed once all of the Trials of Ascendancy have been completed for that difficulty. Once the trials are completed, the player may access the Labyrinth in Act 3, The Sarn Encampent.

  • The Eternal Labyrinth requires an Offering of The Goddess to open. These are found at the end of the Eternal Trials that are randomly found in maps.A complete list of all trials can be found


The Labyrinth The Lower Prison 33 Gloves
The Crypt Level 1
The Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Crematorium
The Catacombs 
The Imperial Gardens
The Cruel Labyrinth The Prison (Act 6) 55 Boots
The Crypt (Act 7) 
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)
The Merciless Labyrinth The Bath House 68 Gloves 



The Tunnel
The Ossuary
The Eternal Labyrinth Trial of Piercing Truth 75




Trial of Swirling Fear
Trial of Crippling Grief
Trial of Burning Rage
Trial of Lingering Pain
Trial of Stinging Doubt


The Labyrinth is a series of connected areas. There are pedestals at each door of an area that display the map of the areas already seen as well as the room on the other side of the doors. The path covered by the door is highlighted.


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Name Sign Notes
Blank POELAB Icon 1
  • This area doesn't have any special rooms or features.

Aspirant's Trial POELAB Icon 2POELAB Icon 3
  • This room is where you fight Izaro.

  • It consists of two parts: the 'buffer' zone with a stash, and the arena.

  • After entering the arena, backtracking to the room containing the stash is impossible until Izaro flees or is defeated.

Forgotten Reliquary POELAB Icon 4
  • Area contains one decorative chest with a trinket inside the chest.

  • Trinkets are intended to make the next encounter with Izaro easier by nullifying or instantly killing or removing one (of three) mechanic mobs/spawns of that fight.

  • Can only spawn before the 1st or the 2nd battle with Izaro.

  • The room before first Izaro fight in every non-Eternal lab is a reliquary.

  • In the first and Cruel labs labs, the room before the second Izaro fight is a reliquary

Gold Door POELAB Icon 5
  • Area contains a gold door, which has to be opened in order to proceed to the next area.

  • A Golden Key is required to open this door.

  • There are sometimes two golden doors next to each other, that is basically a crossroad, but only one can be opened since there is only one golden key.

  • In non-Eternal Labs, the golden key is in the same room.

Golden Key POELAB Icon 6
  • Area contains one Golden Key needed to open a gold door.

  • Only shows up in Eternal labs.

  • These rooms are always attached to the areas with a gold door but can also be reached through a secret passage.

  • They usually have only one entrance.

Silver Cache POELAB Icon 7
  • This area contains a locked room with one of special chests or a Mysterious Darkshrine that grants a random effect.

  • A Silver Key is required to open this door. During the first and Cruel labs, these are in the same room as the Cache.

Silver Key POELAB Icon 8
  • Area contains a Silver Key.

  • Only show up in Merciless and Eternal labs.


There are many different traps in the labyrinth. The traps from the Trials of Ascendancy and few others are combined in gauntlets throughout the area. They can be deadly, usually dealing a percentage of the player's life or energy shield pool as physical damage. They deal damage that scales with the player's life and energy shield pool. Traps can also damage monsters, but they deal less damage to minions. The most common ones are introduced to the player in the Trials of Ascendancy.

  • Blade Sentries

    POELAB Blade Sentries

    Blade Sentries AKA Roombas, are wide, circular traps that move along set paths that deal physical damage over time.

    The closer you are to the center of them, the more damage they deal.

  • Furnace Traps

    poelab Furnace Traps

    Furnace Traps are areas of burning ground which deal massive fire damage over time.

    They turn off and on every few seconds.

  • Poisonous Darts

    poe poelab Poisonous Darts
    Poisonous Darts are fired from walls or pillars either every few seconds, or when a pressure plate’s stepped on.

    They deal physical and chaos damage as well as applying a slowing poison to the player.

  • Sawblade Traps

    poe poelab Sawblade Traps

    Sawblade Traps are saws that run in a straight line across the ground.

    They deal large amounts of physical damage over time.

  • Spiked Traps

    poe poelab Spiked Traps

    Spiked Traps are either timed or pressure sensitive that shoot out of the ground.

    These deal physical damage and apply a bleed while locking the player in place for a short period of time.

  • Spinning Pillars

    poe poelab Spinning Pillars

    Spinning Pillars are similar to sawblades, these pillars with blades deal physical damage over time.

    However they move along set tracks that allow them to turn unlike sawblades which move in a straight line.

  • Sentinel Traps

    POE POELAB Sentinel Traps

    Sentinel Traps are exclusive to The Eternal Labyrinth and map trials. Sentinels apply various effects to a player within its range.

    They can be disabled for a few seconds by destroying them.

    Some sentinels cast fire/frost/shock nova as well as a physical nova and a bleed nova.

    Others apply hindering effects such as removing flask charges, increasing damage taken, hurting the player

    when they use a movement skill and cursing with temporal chains.


Boss Izaro

Izaro is the creator and protector of The Lord's Labyrinth. He is the final boss. 


Izaro can wield three different weapon combinations, each having their own attacks.



These are all of the attacks that this boss uses. With the use of these gifs, you are able to see the animation of each attack to better familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics.

    SHIELD CHERGE--Izaro powers up, charges the targeted location and swings his shield at the player. This attack deals Area Damage and Physical Damage. The animation is very noticeable and easily avoidable. This attack is only used with a shield.

  1. SUNDER--Izaro slams the ground, sending a cascading wave of Physical Damage at the player in a line. If hit by this attack, a shock-wave will be triggered, hitting the player a second time. This attack can be used with any weapon combination.

  2. SPIKES--Izaro leans forward and channels spikes that come from the ground. These deal Physical Damage Over Time and greatly slow the player. This attack can be used with any weapon combination.

  3. GROUND SLAM--Izaro charges his Mace over his head, and slams down in front of him. This attack deals heavy Physical Damage and has a large area of effect. This attack can only be used with a mace.

  4. LEAP SLAM--Izaro jumps into the air, leaping towards the player. He slams the ground dealing Area and Physical Damage. This attack can be used with dual swords or mace.

  5. DIVINE SLASH--Izaro spins in a circle and unleashes a lethal Physical Damage wave that travels quickly across the arena. Similar to Reave. This attack can be used with any swords.

The above is an introduction to the basic content of POELAB Introduction.

In the next time we will share more about poelab substance with you.

Puzzles and Gauntlets, Tips and Tricks, Enchantments and more. I think it will be very interesting.

to be continued

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