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Max Block Scorching Path of exile 3.0 Ray Necromancer Build

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Max Block Scorching Path of exile 3.0 Ray Necromancer Build pros :
- can do All mapmods except "less armour / block reduction"
- CAN'T DIE if there are "many hits" (Storm Herald, Ball Lightning, Breaches,Daresso Swords.................)
- can do Hall of the Grandmaster - Afk tanking Chimera (haven't tried other Guardians because of Atlas customizing)

Cons: - Clearing Speed
- Need Scourge (expensive) for more Damage
- Have to dodge strong strong "onehits" for example "Malachai Punch, Minotaur Punch - Damage over Time can Hurt

Max Block Scorching Path of exile 3.0 Ray Necromancer Build

Karv also made a variant of this build in Beta once he got is scourge claw going, which is what makes this build strong in the first place and should be the #1 unique to look out for. Even if the Wolves are extremely annoying. Taking a look at his vods is recommended for anyone that wants to play around with this build.

SR does not, under any circumstance, benefit from elemental penetration as it exclusively applies on hits (it also cannot ignite). Therefore the Heart of Flame cluster is mostly a waste of points. Manually speccing into dual curse, therefore freeing up a ring slot is preferable over taking points from this cluster.

Spirited response jewels combined with highish block make the mana damage easy to mitigate with little investment beyond that needed. The '% of damage taken gained as mana' mechanic is very strong in MoM setups despite the nerf.

Bone offering should be leveled, manually casted and ideally put into a +2 minion level helmet (it's a minion gem). The heal on block values on a high level bone offering are obscene that it makes 'the surrender' seem weak. Leveling another high-level cwdt only for the offering is an option.

special mention should be that there may be no 'additional Fire damage to attacks/spells' anywhere on the gear, otherwise Orb of Storms will start dealing fire damage and increase the enemies fire resistance due to EE

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