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Knight physical crit bow Build for Path of exile 3.0

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1 Introduction
In the 3.0 version of the test is only the next pretense brush map measured at the current also brush to T10 or so, because the lack of sublimation point and equipment did not go to the senior brush, the current test situation is the story to 4 after no equipment will be more difficult, after There must be a good point of the bow need some excessive bow support! The The Or have a high physical damage to the yellow bow and arrow support! The The main purpose of this post is to Meng new players some of the ideas on the land reclamation, there are new people pay attention to playing the bow is a bit bitter after the feeling of sweet Oh, the equipment is slightly better brush speed is fast!

2. Overview of BD advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: that is to the outsider brush map has 5L over the legendary bow (given what the legendary text given) support, the relative totem, summon flow or some melee BD clear map much faster, after the equipment is still very explosive damage, and later Graduation no problem, the old play old chef!
Disadvantages: a little lack of wisdom, and then relative to the totem, call BD more need some over-equipment to support land reclamation upgrade, crisp easy to die!

3. Early leveling
More than picking identification Huang installed, equipped with fire, ice, electricity three resistance, life as the main goal, the shoe speed to speed up your running speed, the proposed shoe speed, life, resistance-based! The The Land reclamation time to pick up more money to the back are you need it! The The
The first chapter: take the split arrows or thunderbolt arrow skills, do the task The first chapter of the task done to the second chapter, you can buy some of the commonly used auxiliary gems preferred low-order multi-projection, additional fire damage, another 10 Can be equipped with flash vector displacement skills, in the first chapter will be able to buy some terrain can be skipped, siege skills to play the game BOSS can play a little role.
Skills with law: Lightning arrows / thunderstorms of the vector - additional fire damage - low-order multi-projection - crit chance, regardless of the probability of the storm can not even bring the late so there is not even put a body leveling
Buy a ridicule totem skills to bring, playing boss is very easy to use,
Multi-picking yellow equipment identification, weapons, mainly pick up the bow, the physical injury jump better
In the case of general land reclamation (the first chapter is mostly 3 or 2) Lightning arrows / thunderstorms of the vector - low-order multiple projection - additional fire damage, Meng new must be more research, do not understand why with these skills first Look at the functional description of the skills, national dress all Chinese I believe you can understand

Chapter II: continue to follow the plot to go on the line
The second chapter optional auxiliary gem, a quick attack, attack element damage, crit damage, aura gem optional ashes,
General land reclamation situation (the second chapter or three or even four) lightning arrows / thunderstorm vector - low-order multi-projection - additional fire damage
Not recommended for what skills, more open an ashes of the Czech Republic can increase a little damage

Chapter 3: 28 can get the tornado shooting, there must be a royal garden on the edge of the library's mission, finish the task you can in the book that npc that buy a variety of skills gems. Finished the third chapter of the task to the fourth chapter in the case of the level of the road 32, trying to get a death harp, a 32 can bring the legendary bow allows the land reclamation process a lot easier!
Chapter 4: can get high-order multi-projection case can be considered the use of tornado shooting with the harp effect is good, skills reference: tornado shooting - high-order multi-projection - fast attack - crit chance - additional flame damage / projection Physical damage,
There is life-saving skills: injury cast (5) - immortal roar (3) - duration extended - weak curse (5)
Halo skills: ashes of the Czech Republic, hate, magic is not enough to use the case to open a halo like
As far as possible with a magic skills flame, frost, lightning, stone four kinds of magic like any demons, novice recommended with stone statue, improve survival
If you feel easy to die in the life-saving skills in the three even with a weak curse

Chapter 5: Another start from the fifth chapter If you find the story more and more difficult, you must put your matching skills, as well as equipment are updated updated, and normally a 5L of clothes is still better to get , Even if not playing out with other things can be exchanged with other players, not to outsider brush a 5L clothes enough
Then recommend two kinds of take the dragon trolley physical damage-based, while the Lightning Arrow will be all physical damage to elements
Tornado Shot - High-Level Multi-Projection - Quick Attack - Battrass Attack - Additional Flame Damage / Projectile Physical Damage - Bomb Damage
Lightning arrows - additional fire damage - high-order multi-projection - crit chance - attack speed element damage - physical turn lightning (lightning arrows single body injury is relatively weak, novice recommended tornado shooting like)
The back of the chapter is to update the equipment to upgrade the gem, plus talent to enhance the damage, blood resistance to the seventh chapter can enter the outsider

4. Skill Gem Link
5L or 6L weapon clothes
Tornado Shot - High-Level Multi-Projection - Quick Attack - Battrass Attack - Additional Flame Damage / Projectile Physical Damage - Batt Fight (5l can not even hit crit damage)
Lightning arrows - high-order multi-projection - crit chance - attack speed element damage - physical turn lightning - crit damage (5l can not even crit damage)
4L: life insurance four: injury cast (5) - immortal roar (3) - duration extended - weak curse (5)
Halo skills: hate - ashes of the Czech Republic - polar armor - enlightenment (2 only role), the blue is not enough to open a halo
Displacement and magic skills: flash shooting - fast attack, lightning, flame, frost magic function different according to their needs to choose a bar
Later, you can even recommend a 6L barrage to play boss: barrage - physical turn lightning - crit damage - crit chance - slow vote - weapons damage elements, the late concept is that you brush at least after T10, the general wasteland can brush to T10 or so almost, I think so Oh

5. talent and sublimation


Knight physical crit bow Build for Path of exile 3.0


6. Thieves reward options

Kill all the Thieves reward

7. Jewelry selection
Bow attack speed, attack speed, life, physical damage, bow physical damage
8. Potion configuration
Upgrade with a blood bottle when the wash out of blood, with a blue bottle or a mixture of bottles, the other can bring real silver pharmaceuticals, moving speed pharmaceuticals,

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