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Important! Prophecy will be removed soon!

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The prophecy system of PoE has existed for a long time, and many people don't like prophecy. Now prophecy will be removed in 3.17 released next year,. This means you have a limited time to use your Silver Coins and saved Prophecies.

Important! Prophecy will be removed soon!


The following changes are currently planned but are still subject to change:

  • Silver coins, itemised Prophecies, and Pale Council fragments will be deleted from your inventory and stash the next time you log in after the launch of 3.17.0.
  • Unique items previously exclusive to Prophecy chains or the Pale Council fight will be added to the core drop pool.
  • There are a number of Fated Unique items that we feel are no longer exciting enough to stay in the main game. The following Fated Unique items will no longer be obtainable outside of trading with other players in permanent leagues: Corona Solaris, Crystal Vault, Deidbellow, Dreadsurge, Ezomyte Hold, Fox's Fortune, Greedtrap, Hrimnor's Dirge, Kaltensoul, Karui Charge, Martyr's Crown, Mirebough, Ngamahu Tiki, Panquetzaliztli, Realm Ender, Sanguine Gambol, Shavronne's Gambit, Silverbough, Sunspite, The Effigon, The Gryphon, The Oak, Voidheart and Wall of Brambles.
  • In a few cases, the Fated version of a Unique item felt worth keeping in the game but there was little value in having the Fated and base versions of the Unique item be separate. In these cases, the Fated Unique item will be disabled, but the base Unique item will be modified to be identical or similar to the old Fated version. These are: Winterweave, Thirst for Horrors, Cragfall, Geofri's Legacy, The Iron Fortress, The Dancing Duo and Timetwist.
  • Atziri's Reflection will no longer be considered a Fated Unique item. It will be moved to be a rare drop from Uber Atziri. Atziri's Mirror will no longer drop.
  • Fated Unique Items not mentioned above will have a chance to drop from any endgame map boss. This is a temporary measure — we intend to implement a more interesting way to obtain Fated Unique items alongside some new items in a future expansion.
  • Existing items that grant Prophecy rewards, such as Delirium Orbs or Metamorph Samples, will be updated to grant a different reward type.
  • We're adding Lilly Roth as a new possible hideout NPC. She will take over hideout divination card turn-ins from Navali, and also give you access to her gem shop.
  • We may bring back specific rewards from other prophecies (such as Monstrous Treasure) in new ways.
  • Divination Cards that grant itemised prophecies will be redesigned in collaboration with the supporters who created them. If you are a supporter who has created such a card, please check your PMs on the website for a message from us.

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