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[Harvest] PoE 3.11 Mauarder Tectonic Slam Berserker Tanky Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Hi, we want share with you this PoE 3.11 Mauarder Tectonic Slam Berserker Tanky Build because it looks there have a great buff to slam skills in PoE 3.11. This PoE Harvest Tectonic Slam Build is friendly to league starter and have great defenses to make player safe in almost all boss fight. 

[Harvest] PoE 3.11 Mauarder Tectonic Slam Berserker Tanky Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of Damage
  • + Tanky
  • + Big Aoe
  • + Fast mapper
  • + Boss killer (20+mil dps)
  • + League Starter
  • - Abyssus
  • - Using Warcry every 1sec can be painful for some people
  • - Melee + Berserker


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Aspect of the Carnage -> War Bringer -> Crave the Slaughter -> Rite of Ruin (or Blitz) 


Pantheon can be flexible

Major - Soul of Solaris
Minor - Soul of Shakari

Bandit: Help Alira for Crit multiplier and Resistances

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/7MEU3Nh4


Gems Setup

6 Link - Tectonic Slam Gems

Tectonic slam - Multistrike - Ruthless - Melee Physical damage - Inspiration - Elemental Damage with Attacks

Budget option: If you do not have Overlord notable on your large cluster, use Fortify instead of Ruthless

4 Link - Aura Setup

Enlighten Lv4 - Anger - Herald of Ash - Blood and Sand

Budget Option: Untill you have mana cost reduction on chest and/or ring, you can use herald of purity instead of anger. Herald of purity actually gives more damage than Anger unless you have Watcher's eye

4 Link - Cwdt Setup

Cwdt Lv1 - Blood Rage Lv7 - Wave of Conviction Lv7 - Immortal Call Lv3

4 Link - Precision + Enduring Cry with Vaal Molten Shell

Precision Lv20 - Enduring Cry - increased Duration - Vaal Molten Shell Lv20

*Note only Vaal Molten Shell needs to be linked with increased duration, otherwise enduring cry requires more mana

3 Link - Berserk and Movement

Berserk - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

3 Link - Totem

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Combustion - Culling Strike


Gear Setup

Required Gears


10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
Adds 47 to 110 Physical Damage
Gain 38% of Physical Attack Damage as Extra Fire Damage
+4% to Chaos Resistance per Endurance Charge
1% reduced Elemental Damage taken from Hits per Endurance Charge
Adds 5 to 8 Physical Damage per Endurance Charge
+500 to Armour per Endurance Charge
200 Fire Damage taken per second per Endurance Charge if you've been Hit Recently

I plan to utilise enduring cry to generate enduring cry to compensate increased damage take from berserker's passive tree and abyssus. therefore dual nebuloch are best weapon for us

Recommended gears

Xoph's Blood enables us to fully convert physical damage to fire damage. Anoint Battly Cry

One large mace cluster jewel with Overlord for fortify effect

PoE Overlord

this allow us to gain fortify without linking it to tectonic slam, boosting survivability.

Medium warcry notables with "Mob Mentality" and "Cry wolf"

Medium Cluster Jewel
Adds 4 Passive Skills
Added Small Passive Skills grant: 15% increased Warcry Buff Effect
1 Added Passive Skill is Cry Wolf
1 Added Passive Skill is Mob Mentality
1 Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket

*note this jewel is expensive. check cluster jewel section for alternative / cheaper options

Abyssus can now be used because i can negate increased damage taken mod with fortify, endurance charges, and immortal call


Gear Breakdown


Hands of the High Templar

9% increased Attack Speed
Attacks have +0.78% to Critical Strike Chance

Can be modified while Corrupted
Can have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier
157% increased Armour and Energy Shield
8% increased maximum Life
+21% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Hands of the High Templar

Curse Enemies with Level 12 Elemental Weakness on Hit
Attacks have +0.77% to Critical Strike Chance

Can be modified while Corrupted
Can have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier
150% increased Armour and Energy Shield
8% increased maximum Life
+30% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Look for any rare glove unless you can afford a hands of the high templar with increased attack speed and crit chance

Alternatively, you can look for hants of the hig templar with elemental weakness on hit, with either crit chance or attack speed. crit chance gives approximately 4.5% increased damage compared to attack speed. this way, you can focus on other mods on your ring.

If you are looking for glove, look for life, resistance, increased melee damage or attack spee


Coral Ring

+30 to maximum Life
15% increased Fire Damage
+22 to maximum Energy Shield
+80 to maximum Life
Curse Enemies with Level 5 Flammability on Hit
+12% to all Elemental Resistances

Topaz Ring

+30% to Lightning Resistance
+23 to Strength
+35 to Dexterity
+64 to maximum Life
+78 to maximum Mana
+9% to all Elemental Resistances
43% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Non-Channelling Skills have -6 to Total Mana Cost

Rings with life, resistances.

Any physical, fire, elemental damage are nice to have

If you can afford, look for either flammability or assassin's mark mod.

Alternatively, get a glove with elemental weakness on hit, and you can ignore curse on your rings and focus on other mod

other mods includes

  • + Crit multipler
  • + Attack speed
  • + Elemental damage with attack skills
  • + Fire damage
  • + Add # to # physical damage
  • + Elemental damage

Also, Non-Channelling Skills have -X to Total Mana Cost mod is nice to have for mana sustain since we do not have mana regen or mana leech.

Boots and Belt

Two-Toned Boots

+12% to Fire and Cold Resistances
+83 to maximum Life
+20% to Fire Resistance
+45% to Cold Resistance
20% increased Movement Speed
18% increased Armour and Evasion
+13 to maximum Life

Stygian Vise

Has 1 Abyssal Socket
+85 to maximum Life
+64 to maximum Mana
+51% to Cold Resistance
40% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
+22% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Murderous Eye Jewel

+58 to Accuracy Rating
+34 to maximum Life
Adds 13 to 22 Fire Damage to Mace or Sceptre Attacks
8% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill

Look for Life and resistances.

Movementspeed on boots is not required since we have berserk almost every time.

Body Armour

Sun Plate

Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
+24 to Armour
+132 to maximum Life
+31% to Lightning Resistance
+9% to Chaos Resistance
7% increased maximum Life
6% increased maximum Mana

Astral Plate

+12% to all Elemental Resistances
+105 to maximum Life
+38% to Lightning Resistance
21% increased Stun and Block Recovery
Attacks have +0.98% to Critical Strike Chance
8% increased maximum Life
5% increased maximum Mana

Any rare 6L body armour with life and resistances will do.

If you are looking for unique option, Loreweave, Belly of the Beast or Carcass Jack are all viable.

For influenced body armour, -total mana cost and +crit chance mods are very nice.

+crit chance mod gives us about 10% damage increase, about same damage as Loreweave.

I personally went from +crit chance mod to -total mana cost for now because of mana pool problem. if you prefer +crit chance mod, take a notable from cluster jewel and allocate some maximum mana nodes.

I plan to go dual influence mod with both crit chance and reduced mana cost for my
next upgrade.


Ample Sulphur Flask of Heat

40% increased Damage
Creates Consecrated Ground on Use
+19 to Maximum Charges
Immunity to Freeze and Chill during Flask effect
Removes Freeze and Chill on use

Flagellant's Diamond Flask of Warding

Your Critical Strike Chance is Lucky
Gain 1 Charge when you are Hit by an Enemy
Immune to Curses during Flask effect
Removes Curses on use

The Wise OakLion's RoarCinderswallow Urn (#% increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect)

You can use Blood of the Karui instead of Wise Oak, or any life flask with bleed immune.

One magic flask with curse immune and also one flask with freeze immune if your not jugg.


Jewels and Cluster Jewels


Look for these options

  • % increased maximum life
  • % increased critical strike chance
  • % increased critical strike multiplier
  • % Increased Melee/Physical Damage
  • % Increased Fire/Elemental Damage
  • % Increased Attack Speed

*Note Crit multi mods are equal to 1.5~2x damage increase compared to other mods
Eg. 10% increased critical strike multiplier = 15% ~ 20% increased Fire Damage

*Note you will need bleed immune flask if you do not have "corrupted blood cannot inflicted on you" corruption on your jewel

Watcher's Eye

Gain xx% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage while affected by Anger is our most damage boost.

Cluster Jewels

All Cluster Jewels List: https://poedb.tw/us/Cluster_Jewel

Large Cluster Jewel

for first Large Jewels, Look for 8 passives mace/staff mod with Overlord notable first, and one leech notable(Drive the Destruction / Feed the Fury).

Last notable is flexible. Smite the Weak / Heavy Hitter / Martial Prowess / Weight Advantage all of those are good.

*Note only Mace large cluster jewel is required for fortify

If you can afford another cluster jewel, look for 8 passives dual wield mod with some Accuracy (Martial Momentum / Martial Prowess) and Deadly Repartee.

*Note If you can afford both large jewels, leech notable can be acquired from any of the two jewels

Medium Cluster Jewel

For Optimal set up, 2 Mob Mentality and 1 Cry Wolf and rest with any dps boosts

I chose 1 Haunting shout for intimidate.

*Note each Warning Call gives about 10% damage increase

If you are on budget, look for 4 or 5 passive skill with 1 jewel socket, and one medium jewel with mob mentality and haunting shout, and another with cry wolf and provocateur or mob mentality

It is cheaper to craft mob mentality with cry wolf jewel with alt,regals

Small Cluster Jewel

2 passives, with Fettle.

*Note Surging vitality, Peace Amidst Chaos, Holistic Health can also be considered.

If you do not have a leech notable on your large cluster, you can also look for notable with leech such as Feast of Flesh or Vicious Guard.

However I find 2 extra passive points per small jewel are worthless as i can already achieve 5500 life pool. so i instead placed normal jewels on small cluster jewel slots for more damage (about 4~5% increased damage per jewel)


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