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[Harvest] PoE 3.11 Mauarder Blade Blast Chieftain League Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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In this PoE 3.11 Mauarder Blade Blast Chieftain Build you will using mainly three gem as our damage resources:

Bladefall link with totem to futher improve our burst damage.

Blade Vortex could be main or 4 link to help with clear.

Blade Blast which is our main damage resources.

[Harvest] PoE 3.11 Mauarder Blade Blast Chieftain League Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Insane Clear speed
  • + Insane Single Target DPS
  • + Melting boss like nothing
  • + 4 Endurance charge with flask nearly 90% reduction
  • + League Start
  • - Defense require cluster jewel
  • - Playstyle involve in totem


Skill Tree


Ngamahu, Flame's Advance -> Tasalio, Cleansing Water -> Hinekora, Death's Fury -> Ramako, Sun's Light


Major God:Soul of Lunaris
Minor God:Soul of Gruthkul or Shakari

Bandit: Kill All

Passive Tree & PoB

Path of Building Link

https://pastebin.com/8eYR5EYa (Updated)

https://pastebin.com/XcAhf9L5 (Min-Max)

PoE 3.11 Mauarder Blade Blast Chieftain Skill Tree




Gems Setup

Blade Blast 6-link

Controlled DestructionBlade Blast - Concentrated EffectElemental FocusAdded Fire Damage SupportEmpower

If you have 4 blue, you could use Intensify .

Blade Fall totem

Blade Fall - Faster Casting - Multiple Totems - Spell Totem

Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex - Unleash - Intensify - Combustion 

You could use Curse on hit with Flammbility instead of intensify and combustion to boost your damage.


Vaal Righteous Fire - Zealotry - Herald of Ash - Anger

If you don't have the helmet, you don't need to use Zealotry.


CWDT - Steelskin - Summon Stone Golem - Wave of Conviction

During boss fight, you could use Enduring Cry to sustain charges


You could use general melee starter.

Ground Slam -> Sunder -> Blade Storm

When you reach 38 and finish your first lab, you could start to use BV nad BB set-up.


Gear Setup

League Start/Progression


The most important thing during leveling is to get a good wand. You should be looking for add fire damage to spell. Because Blade Blast has 60% effectiveness of Added Damage, it scales really well with flat damage


During Act, you could make a new fire flat wand at Act3, Act5, Act7 and Act9.

What you need to do is to find:

Rare Ruby ring (Which can get by selling a red gem and iron ring to vendor)

A Magic wand and alteration orb

By selling those 3 items to vendor, you could get a high fire flat wand.



In this phase, we need to check our gear and resist. For all rare gear except for weapon, you want as much life and resist as possible. If you having trouble with Dex, you could easily anoint a 30 dex on your amulet. Normally we will have mana problem, so you should using an enduring mana flask to sustain our mana.



If you just started mapping, you could use essence to craft your wand. Make sure using Essence of Anguish to get fire flat to spell.

If you want more damage before you craft your caster bow, try to buy a Shaper sceptre. Then you could use essence crafting or alteration crafting

Alteration until you found:

fire damage to spell

Increased spell damage

Gain xx Physical damage as Fire

them Aug and regal orb.

The Devouring Diadem could solve our mana problem and also allow as use another damage support Aura: Zealotry

Loreweave chest is our BIS currently, it gives us nice defense and offense.You don't really need to 6 link your Loreweave in this build.

Kaom's way is really gonna help our defense and life regen. The reason why we use and how we gonna get endurance charge is by using the cluster jewel.



Our best weapon choice is gonna be a caster bow. You could get a 6-link short bow by a divination card called :"The Porcupine"


+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Adds 16 to 26 Physical Damage
+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems

You should buy the card and get a six link short bow. Short bow is easy to get and it has a low dex requirement which means its gonna be easy to color it.

You should use alteration orb to spam until it appears +1 level of socket gem.

When you have that mod you have 2 choices

1. Multi-mod (cost 2ex), craft +2 Support gem(cost 2ex) and craft chance to deal double damage.

2. Only craft +2 Support gem(cost 2ex)

If you doing one to make a super nice caster bow, don't Aug it when you have +1 all gem mod. Because it might appear another suffix which we won't have space to craft Chance to deal double damage. So you should regal it instead.

After you have caster bow, you should start using The Signal Fire which helps us boost our damage.



There are many way to min-max our damage:

You could use fossil crafting to craft our BIS bow.

9% increased Lightning Damage
+4 Mana gained on Kill

+24 to Strength
Adds 30 to 42 Fire Damage
+27% to Fire Resistance
51% increased Fire Damage while affected by Herald of Ash
Herald of Ash has 95% increased Buff Effect

-14 Cold Damage taken from Hits

+25 to Strength
Adds 25 to 42 Fire Damage
+20% to Fire Resistance
66% increased Fire Damage while affected by Herald of Ash
Herald of Ash has 96% increased Buff Effect

You could buy 2 Circle of Anguish ring with Buff effect and increase fire damage.

You could get Asenath's Gentle Touch to help you with clear and more defense.


During min-max, if you want even more damage, you should switch to crit. This requires use all crit multi jewel, use 2 crit cluster jewel. Also, rearrange the tree. You might lose a lot of defense if you go full damage mode.

Rare Amulet:

+30 to Dexterity

+55 to Dexterity
+40 to maximum Life
13% increased Area of Effect
+25% to Lightning Resistance

Try to get a warlord and Hunter influence amulet. Use awakened orb to combine +1 Dex and Phy gem.

If you using soul tether, you could use elder amulet craft with fossil to get more resistance and life. Best damage mod on elder amulet is gain #% phy as fire.

Rare Belt:

High life and resistance vise or soul tether.

Rare Boots:

High life resistance armour boots. You could use warlord boots and try to get gain #%phy as fire. Other Warlord mods pretty great too.


You want increase buff effect and fire damage on circle of Anguish ring. If you have tons of currency, try to get arcane surge on hit and curse on hit implicit.


30 Dex (league Start) -> Whisper of Doom (Min-Max) -> Master of Force (End Game) 


"Damage Penetrates 11% Fire Resistance while affected by Anger"

For watcher's eye, you want to use Anger fire penetration at least.

Might of the Meek

For Rare jewel, you want: %life, Global Physical Damage, Area Damage


Forbidden Taste, The Wise OakAtziri's Promise, "Removes bleeding", Movement

Cluster Jewel

We will be using 1 large and 2 small one for our end-game set-up. All cluster jewel should look for low travel points: 8 for large, 2 for small.

Large Cluster jewel: Physical Damage 1/2 Socket
Force Multiplier
Furious Assault


First Pirority Small: Armour
Enduring Composure

Second Pirority Small: Life

Try to get dex on the small one, it will help to fix the dex requirement.

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