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Everything you want know about PoE 3.14 Ultimatum

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The next Path of Exile league called Ultimatum, this new Challenge League event will let you gambling your potential rewards against waves of progressively more powerful enemies for ever-better loot drops

Everything you want know about PoE 3.14 Ultimatum



The Ultimatum expansion centers on the new NPC named the Trialmaster, who comes from the Vaal civilization. Upon meeting him in Act 2, you can engage in a new trial event, which appears sporadically across Path of Exile's maps, that tasks you with facing off against waves of monsters. After specific intervals, you're given a unique reward and the offer to continue fighting. Choosing to take the prize from your completed fights will end the trial, but pressing forward with the trial will lead to tougher battles for better rewards.

Double or Nothing

In the endgame, Inscribed Ultimatums indicate an offering you must bring to the Trialmaster's Domain. If you're able to succeed at the inscribed challenge, the Trialmaster will reward you with an item of roughly double value. But if you fail, you forfeit the offering that you put on the line. Inscribed Ultimatums come with a challenging assortment of Ultimatum difficulty modifiers and can be traded to other players.

Vaal Reliquary

The Vaal Reliquary Key can drop from anywhere in Path of Exile and opens a portal to the Vaal Reliquary. This ancient vault contains a chest with a special foil version of a Vaal-themed Unique item, dropped with equal weighting. Due to the value and power level of the items contained within, this is the rarest Reliquary Key ever added to Path of Exile.

New Skill And Support Gems

Now let’s look at four new skill gems and four support gems, which are all focused on blood in keeping with the Vaal theme. Spend life, not mana! The low life mechanic was also adjusted, changing the threshold to 50%. Your new bloody skills are: Petrified Blood (low life builds use life pool to absorb hits), Corrupting Fever (consumes life and grants buff that makes hits apply Corrupted Blood), Exsanguinate (spend life to shoot tendrils of attack blood), and Reap (conjures a giant bloody scythe). As for support gems, Blood Magic Support was split into two, Arrogance Support (reserve life instead of mana) and Lifetap (skill cost becomes life instead of mana). Additional supports are Cruelty (buff increases DOTs) and Bloodthirst (adds a percentage of your life as physical weapon damage while low life).

Past League Core Improvements

  • Changes to how The Lord's Labyrinth awards item enchantments so that you choose between several options.
  • Improvements to Incursion, including making access to The Temple of Atzoatl into an item that can be traded.
  • A complete revamp to Betrayal rewards, including get a fourth tier of reward (When you slay Betrayal's Mastermind, her Immortal Syndicate Members now drop their rewards at one tier higher than their current tier)
  • Perandus Coin can now be used to purchase a wider range of items from Cadiro.
  • Add new Tainted Oil which allows anointment of corrupted items
  • Six new secret vendor recipes that can be uncovered by inquisitive players

Release Time

PoE 3.14 Ultimatum League launches on April 16 on PC and April 21 on consoles.

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