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Beast Trading and New Recipes Will Coming Poe 3.2.1

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PoE's at present functioning to release Patch PoE 3.2.1 about the middle of this week. It includes a lot of Bestiary League improvements, which you can study about within this news post.
Please note that the under list is not the full patch notes, and it's probably not the final of the modifications to this league. It is what PoE is going to have ready and tested for the middle of this week. Also, note that something can change! PoE may eliminate things from this list entirely if they don't operate out.


Beast Trading and New Recipes Will Coming Poe 3.2.1

Beast Trading
PoE 3.2.1 allows you to trade beasts with other players! Just invest in a Bestiary Orb from Einhar, travel to your Menagerie and use it on a Beast inside a cage. It'll convert the Beast to an item which can then be listed on trade websites and traded to other players making use of the safe trade screen.

New Recipes
We intend to add some new crafting recipes in PoE 3.2.1 after which maintain adding new Recipes to remain demanding expectations for crafting throughout the league. More information go Path of Exile Beasts Beastcrafting Recipes and Guides in Bestiary League


Recipe Sort Order
One of the most intriguing recipes is now generally in the best in the crafting window so that it is less challenging to seek out them. The big lists of leveling items and rares are further down the bottom and aren't hiding any specific ones.


Net Drops
PoE has also reduced net drops from bosses so that they drop everyday items like before (it had a measurable effect).
(Edit: this applied to say "PoE have fixed numerous bugs that caused nets to drop rather than PoE currency from specific areas like Labyrinth chests. This did not affect currency drops from standard monsters.", But that was incorrect. They were working appropriately.)

Net Throw Speed
PoE has elevated how speedily you'll be able to throw nets. It'll now be additional comfy to promptly fire one particular off in combat without risking stopping for as extended.

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