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[3.10] PoE Delirium Mauarder Frost Blades Berserker Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Welcome to PoE 3.10 Berserker Frost Blades Build, this build have VERY HIGH Single Target Damage and you can start the main mechanics with low budget.

[3.10] PoE Delirium Mauarder Frost Blades Berserker Endgame Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Pros & Cons

  • + Main Pro: VERY HIGH Single Target Damage
  • + DPS: You kill pretty much anything within a second.
  • + Economy: You can start the main mechanics with less than 1 ex. You start to feel the bulk of this build play better at around 6-7ex. I'm currently at about 80ex+ worth of this build, to which now I'm just experimenting with new ideas for more dps.
  • + Sustain: Generally, nothing really kills you, except Lag, Random Oneshots, and if you don't plan your mods right or never faced certain bosses (especially phase bosses).
  • + Clearing Speed: Starts of Decent at 6.5/10. If you take Ancestral Call, it might seem like 9/10, but has way lower damage. When you can afford to, get Tribal Fury on your Yoke. Brings it to 8/10. At late game, my clear speed is about 9 without Ancestral Call with all the speed buffs.
  • Each attack spawns like 16 projectiles, each one-shotting most trash mobs. That's 32+ if you count the clones.
  • + Facetank: Unless they have One-Shot weird mechanics, almost every boss/Metamorph I fight I can facetank. At about 20-30 ex you'll start to notice that bosses (non-phase) can be fully frozen for the fight. At 60+ ex, almost every end-game boss (if they can be frozen) is freeze-locked until dead.
  • + CAN DO MAPS WITH: Most Maps/No Regen/Most Curses
  • + Both a League Starter and END-GAME VIABLE


  • - MAIN CON: Difficulty with Phase Bosses: As any berserker issue, you rely on mobs for Rage, Flasks, Vaal Skills, and most importantly, have FULL eHP. You'll notice this issue, especially with the new Sirus.
  • - Health: Since 1/3 your EHP is energy shields, you have less Life. That makes you susceptible to Big Hits/Chaos/Poisons and most ailments compared to 7k Life. Also gives a bit of anxiety jumping around with 0 energy shields before the fight starts. This means having 4-5.5k Life points due to many unique non-life items.
  • - Degen: Blood Rage (and Rite of Ruin, if used) Degen can become annoying, even when you're rich enough for the Vaal Pact Gloves
  • - Speed: Not the Fastest Movement speed at start. (Although Late Game with the "Speed Variant" I'm Fucking Fast with choosing 30% movespeed on boots mod + Rage + Blitz + tailwind)
  • - CANNOT DO MAPS WITH: Any Reflect/No Leech/Elemental Weakness(Depending)
  • - (No longer an Issue)The Max DPS requires max rage. Some boss you start with 0, which gives a bit of anxiety. (Update: Newest Build is no longer Rage Dependent/Nor uses Rite of Ruin anymore)


Skill Tree


Painforged > Versatile Combatant > Blood in the Eyes > Gratuitous Violence

Bandit: Kill All (recommended)

Pantheon: Major: Soul of Solaris, Minor: Soul of Shakari

Passive Tree & PoB

PoE Delirium Mauarder Frost Blades Berserker Passive Skill Tree

Path of Building Link

MAIN BUILD(~7300 eHP/ ~145m DPS): https://pastebin.com/dVtMRyE1

DAMAGE VARIANT (~6400 eHP/ ~200m DPS): https://pastebin.com/6yAq0aB

TANK VARIANT (~9500 eHP/ 60m DPS): https://pastebin.com/q3Lwz42v


Gems Setup

Main Skills

Faster Mapping/Overall Ease (Chest) (4 Red/2 Green)

[More Atk Spd/Less Bigger Hits]

Frost Blades - Hypothermia - Rage Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Ruthless Support - Multistrike


Variation Main Right Click (Chest) (3 Red/3 Green)

More Damage [Less Atk Spd/Way Bigger Hits]

Frost Blades - Hypothermia - Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Ruthless Support - Close Combat

Note: Depending on your equipment, some gems may appear stronger than others, while some are just too damage hard to socket the right colors. I have an "armour and energy" chest, and it's damn annoying to get 3R and 3G.


The configuration of the rest of the Gem Links depends on if you have the mod "You can apply an additional curse" or not. The second curse would be "Frostbite Lv.20" which would be in your Paradoxica that can trigger spells.

Main Left Click/Travel (Boots)

1. Leap Slam

2. Fortify Support

3. Blood Magic (Slot in Main Skill Bar)

4. Faster Attacks (Originally had Endurance Support but you're mobility is a bit more important)

Helmet (Auras)

1. Hatred (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar)

2. Herald of Purity (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar)

3. (Free Slot) Late Game: CWDT (Lv.20)

4. (Free Slot) Late Game: Summon Ice Golem (Lv.20)


1. Vaal Grace (Slot Vaal version in Main Skill Bar)

2. Precision Lv 5 (Use lv 1 if needing more mana)

3. Ancestral Protector (Slot in Main Skill Bar)

4. Multiple Totems Support (Needed to use all 3 totems at once)

Weapon A

1. Blood Rage

2. Vaal Ancestral Warchief (Slot Both versions in Main Skill Bar)

3. Berserk (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar, Pref in "Q")

Weapon B (Important Mod: Trigger Socketed Spell when you use a skill)

1. Summon Ice Golem

2. Vaal Molten Shell (Slot Vaal version in Main Skill Bar)

3. Wave of Conviction


1. This mod is important in order to have these things casted every ~3 seconds. For me, it's a free 800-1300 extra HP shield for ~3 seconds, a golem you never have to manually resummon, and the Wave of Conviction is a sweet "enemies take 25% increased cold damage" exposure mechanic, that procs randomly, but mainly used on bosses.

2. Summon Ice Golem could be moved somewhere else later on to make room for Frostbite once you get the "Can apply an additional Curse" mod on your chest. Mad Expensive yo.)


Gear Setup

Starter (<65 chaos)

  • Tabula Rasa (10c?)
  • Soul Tether (15-30c)
  • Yoke of Suffering ( only 30c! wtf I got it for an 1ex :( )
  • Oskarm Gloves (5c: for Assasin's Mark)
  • 2x Scaeva to start (2c: try to put all green sockets for both)
  • Abyssus (~5c)

Medium (~7ex)

  • Paradoxica with "Trigger Spell" mod with 140-150+ PDS (<1ex)
  • 150+ PDS normal Paradoxica (pref stronger). Try to get Blind on one of them, Poison on another (need %chance to poison somewhere to proc an additional ailment for Amulet's function). On the normal one, try to get higher critical chance.
  • 6L Chest: pref with at least 100 flat life, with an empty Prefix to put "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as extra maximum energy shields" mod (1ex-3ex without mod) (~1 ex)
  • Shaper's Touch (5-50c) to replace Oskarm. You only get these if your able to afford Item#5's ring. This will boost your current energy shields by almost half.
  • Shaper Ring with Assasin's Mark: (30c up to 3ex) depends on stats/resistances you need to cover for your build. I also put my one source of fire damage here, to get that ignite ailment for Amulet)
  • The Taming: (1-2ex) Make sure you get a good roll on the 20-30% elemental resistances.


  • Atziri's Acuity (7ex): You replace Shaper's Touch gloves. You'll lose a bit of a chunk of Energy Shields, but you now have double life leached. That's regaining your entire pool within 7 seconds, to about 3 seconds (which can change everything in boss fights). You also don't need to worry about vaal pact fucking you up between fights as it will turn off the same time as your leeches.
  • 6L Chest with 100+ life and "apply 1 additional curse" (if possible also +% to critical chance) (5ex) OR: Sporeguard with "Whispers of Doom" Anointment (+1 curse) for 6-8 ex
  • The Saviour (HUGE DPS BOOST: 12-15ex)
  • Tailwind Boots (might need to build your own with Hunter Influence, preferably on Two-Toned Boots, as your resists might suffer trying to slot this in; 3-10ex+)
  • Better Shaper Ring: I crafted double "Curse on hit" mods, Assasin's Mark and Elemental Weakness from Shaper ring, Awakener Orb, and Hunter ring, and just built it myself. Warning, for some reason, not Frostbite doesn't will not ever be present on a ring with Assassin's Mark, no idea why but tried and lost money lol. Shaper Ring (ilvl 80+: 5-20C) + Awakener's Orb (~220c) + Hunter Ring (ilvl 80+:5-20c) + Alterations Orbs (Maybe 200-500). Then you can either Multi Mod it or Chance it with Exalts. I got lucky with exalts.
  • Awakened Melee Physical Support: This is the only Awakened Gem at the moment that we can use nicely. It basically let's us tick off "intimidate" with no work to move gear and resists around to get it. Hella expensive. 8-10Ex.
  • Since you're probably rich now, try to get your Abyssus with one of the following added components: Enchantment 30% effect to Your Curses (could be Assassin's Mark (Prob best choice), Frostbite, Elemental Weaknesses).
  • Bottled Faith: Huge Dps Boost, but I'm not too happy about having it. This thing is great for bosses for our build, but it's a lil wonky for everything else. It requires you to stay on that ground to get the boost, whereas I generally pop flasks and run smash run, so it's up to you. HELLA expensive at like 14ex (Hence last on this list/Not necessary).

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